14 nov. A Lire: ‘ A #Djibouti, une dictature amie ‘ de Marwo Warsama Adoyta More pics from Huno Djibouti · view all pics for @. Les plus récents dans “Afrique de l’Est””Djibouti” Djibouti: BOULJOUQO Élections législatives du 22 février à Djibouti: dictature, fraudes et .. ( envoi gratuit sur simple demande) ou d’autres publications amies. Djibouti: Une vague d’arrestations et d’interpellations au sein de Élections législatives du 22 février à Djibouti: dictature, fraudes et .. le bulletin ( envoi gratuit sur simple demande) ou d’autres publications amies.

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The flight is prohibited from a private property or the public good. On the same day, towards the afternoon, the south west state elections commission decides to resign because of the inability to hold free and independent elections in the region as long as the federal state’s gross interference Don’t make it easier for them Since 13, sporadic fighting has been held against the pros mukhtar robow and the Ethiopian army stationed in the state of South-West Somalia.

The dhows unloading their arms shipments to the village of Ras-collapse, not far from the islands of seven brothers and in the mangroves of godorya. In a way, a sub-contract with the sub-contracting of the abuse of the north of Djibouti. Et la lutte continue!!! The beneficiaries of this diversion are yacin aouled Farah, Djama Ali Guelleh Director of the djibouti electricity company for 32 yearsIsmael Omar Guelleh Self-proclaimed president of Djibouti and abdoulkader kamil Mohamed The Prime Minister who is Also Son-in-law of guelle’s I am unable to translate this string due to it, may Allah make us safe!

With the arrest of abdi iley, former President of the Somali region of Ethiopia, the axis of evil had taken a hell of a blow, but with the outbreak of hostilities between the and the federal state, the axis of evil Seems to have found a size ally without forgetting that since yesterday the president of the olf, Dawud Ibsa, is in mekele.

Besides, guelleh is a person who doesn’t control his anger. He applied for asylum under the false identity of Somali nationality. Under the threat of the militia of other parliamentarians and the intervention of igad, the latter left the afternoon of Wednesday, 12 Decemberof his prison, the presidency of Somalia, and is currently at the hotel Shabeel is located near the aden ade international airport in mogadishu. More surprising, the sources of the ministry of justice tell us that nafissa is exclusive of the projects of the international oil company in djibouti and that much of the gains made on these projects are returned to the sister of djama elmi okieh.

Il y a deux semain Mr Yacin aouled farah is building houses in nagad, just behind the base of the Italian forces stationed in Djibouti. The vote was to be held first on 17 November.


Afriques en Lutte

President of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi says farmaajo on the run like his uncle siad barre. The fact that he is being manhandled and the fact that president guelleh is doing everything to isolate or humiliate him has created doubts and suspicions against the clan of his ex-wife or s president of djibouti at djama elmi okieh. Proof that he does not trust the afars of Djiboui, he has entrusted his arms trafficking a young afar from Ethiopia known as moussa tigray.

Oromo are the largest of some 80 ethnic groups in Ethiopia, with 35 per cent of the country’s 80 million inhabitants. Conclusion Thus, and in accordance with article 92, paragraphs 1 AND 2, of the federal Constitution, parliamentarians who are signatories to this motion of censure or impeachment of the president of the republic of Somalia ask you for his registration for debate Before The National Assembly.

For Guelleh money is a source of life and life from here and beyond. With the recipe of a tontine that her mother was akie of, yacin aouled farah emigrated to Canada around TODAY AROUND 2 am the same police source teaches us dictatufe slums located near buldhuqo are destroyed in the bulldozer and that the poor inhabitants Women, children, old people find themselves in the open air and under the poor stars of All their property.

On Friday, August 7,the dicctature of the Democratic Party of Djibouti – PADD created this political party to oust the regime clanico-mafia of Djibouti by using all the legal means that we can use to free the country of the organization mafia who has usurped dlctature in Djibouti for 40 years.

They include the release of thousands of imprisoned dissidents and journalists, the conclusion of a peace agreement with its rival Eritrea and the unveiling of plans for privatization of state corporations. And we want our activists and members to know that PADD has no political relationship with the Djiboutian businessman.

The Djibouti Democratic party – padd – sends its warm greetings to all djibouti. What are the key points of the motion of impeachment of the president of Somalia? Inthe separated from the ruling coalition, the revolutionary democratic front of the Ethiopian people Fdperand then started an armed campaign against the regime. After an informal investigation into the mamasan diaspora of Europe, guelleh discovered that abdourahman boreh’s hand was behind the complaint for ill-acquired property. La Voix De Djibouti Du 15 Avril 2012 -Edition No 115 –

Debretsion Gebremichael strongly warned those who lead the disastrous crusade against the Ethiopian Constitution in the name of change: Often considered firmly rooted and ductature, the mafia organization is unable to resist social, political and economic actions coordinated by the people.

The olf denies it and accused Friday of the government not to keep its promise to integrate its combatants into the armed forces.

Paragraph 1-members of Parliament May submit to the National Assembly a motion to dismiss the president of the state under the following accusations: More surprising, the source adds that guelleh has for this repression his wife kadra mahamoud haid and Colonel Abdillahi Abdi Farah. He said dictautre the government of tigray would do everything necessary to ensure that eritreans qmie in tigray live and work freely, without any concern. The government called on the combatants fighters to immediately deposit arms and w that some of them would be prosecuted for crimes committed during the fight against the.


The agreement concerns the military port that Ethiopia wants to install its naval force. Thus, djiboutj pursuing the aforementioned principle, the Democratic Party leads and will always carry out its actions in the interest of the people and with the people.

Article 35 stipulates that each individual has the right to be before an independent court and cannot be forced under torture to recognize crimes or crimes that he is not responsible for.

Many politicians say that the president of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed di farmaajo tries by all means to sabotage mukhtar robow’s election not for reasons related to his past in the al-Shabaab group, but because of the potential threat That he represents for an agreement that farmaajo signed with Ethiopia of Abiy Ahmed. Not a system that suffocates us!

There have also been amhara fighters who have been on the southern border of the amhara region, djibouit has a border with the oromo region. Le vote devait se tenir dans un premier temps le 17 novembre.

It also works indirectly with the radical elements of the amhara region to move thousands of tiger civilians from the region. Sections of this page. Where did his weapons from mr. The weapons unloaded in Ras-collapse and godoriya are transported to assa-Gaila by the pick-ups that bring the migrants to the coastal. Later, the security ditature declared an emergency and curfew from 18 a. Before being fired again. Flight is one of the great sin, it is one of the worst ways to acquire its livelihood.

Hassan Omar under on dictatuee of the head of the office of the port dictatyre Djibouti EX-captaincymohamed moussa abar says left-handed, a pillar of arms, drugs and explosive trafficking in the horn of Dictatjre region. Guelleh and its relatives continue to destabilize Ethiopia through the constant supply of weapons to armed organizations.

This project, which was voluntarily granted, would amount to million Franc Djibouti. The thief is cursed by the Prophet Salla Allah alaihi wa salamAllah has reserved him a painful punishment in this world and in the hereafter. Either the voice of the people must be heard, or it will be feraentendre ” ” Besides, Dr. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? This agreement on the unification of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.