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I haven’t been struck like that in a long time. But this one bores me to death.

The Swimming-Pool Library

Maybe he hasn’t, maybe that was the point, but it still fell very flat to me. I don’t know what to say about that except that it is so swomming dated.

The last chapters brought us to a rather strange place: Feb 23, Fabian rated it it was amazing. What a terrible reason to lower a book’s rating!

That he has studied history will in the course of the novel be revealed as an irony. The other, subtler way is through the failure to show sex as a function of character: There is absolute silence, broken only by a loud burst of the overture to Swan Lake on Swimmong mobile phone when his mother calls.

I ended up feeling like Will Beckwith was a very thought-provoking character.


The Swimming-Pool Library – Wikipedia

He refuses to consent to sex and leaves. But I was so desperate to get this thing off that I seem to have escaped that. His boyfriends are all lower class, and he seems to sometimes ruthlessly exploit them.

To ask other readers questions about The Swimming-Pool Libraryplease sign up. To avoid death duties, that grandfather has already settled most of his estate on Will, who therefore has substantial private means and no need of work.

Trivia About The Swimming-Pool But I mean, Will keeps picking up guys in random places, and how did he know they wanted what he wanted and that he wouldn’t get rejected or even ridiculed?

I’ve given this book to two gay friends to read. He and Richard Yates are my revelations of His lover is a “school tart” grown old; a kept man drinking too much.

The book would have been more fun if in the end we find out that Will is actually in a padded room in a mental institution and that all the while he’s been reading his own past as a racist colonialist rich prick.

Alan Hollinghurst: Sex on the brain | Books | Books | The Guardian

Whilst cruising a young man in libarry London park, Will enters a public toilet to find a group of older men cottaging. The book is about a rich, lazy, snob who doesn’t have to go to work or do anything, th just sort of shambles aimlessly around London reading books, working out, and fucking everything that moves.


I probably do too much of it. In fact they all follow broadly the same template: Now I have to isolate myself for long periods.

From my perspective, very recently influenced by some serious thought about the West Indian community in London, The Swimming-Pool Library struck me as a fascinating perspective: Returning, he encounters a group of skinheads who demand his watch, attack and queer-bash him, destroying the Firbank novel in the process.

Well goodness gracious, what a dilemma? You had to be a member, so you paid; I can remember when I first went to London gay clubs in the late 70s having to become a member, this ridiculous thing, and write down your address.

He accepts that with The Stranger’s Child he has embarked on a new phase. Will goes to the opera with James and his grandfather. Possibly the worst yet. This article contains very little context, or is unclear to readers who know little about the book.