Corrado Malanga. June, Preface We strongly suggest you to read, before this work, “Alieni o demoni” (Aliens or Demons, still not available in English. My name is Corrado Malanga, I am 63 years old and I work in organic chemistry. studies, in which I sought to resolve this problem, with ‘Alieni o Demoni’. Mr. Corrado Malanga received the diploma of surveyor in , and graduated Later on in the book “Alieni o Demoni” (Aliens or Demons), Corrado Malanga.

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The text describes the evolution of man from the first race to the fifth – ours – which stops at the death of Krishna, five thousand years ago. It is said that the master who would create a Golem, had to speak the letters whilst circling the mud shape a precise number of times in correspondence to all the figures quoted from the Sefer Yetzirah. Then it wants to live without physically dying.

Alieni o demoni. La battaglia per la vita eterna – Corrado Malanga – Google Books

Jewish people as such never existed. Therefore it is no surprise that the old Jewish men were alienii to the old conceptions of the Brahmins by the Persian Magi during their stay in India.

There are three types of Kabbalah, or better to say three ways of writing this word. The meaning of this exclusion is justified through convoluted explanations and unclear to most of the experts of the rabbinic world. Nefesh is the support of the body, and it feeds the body.

Then mount the stones in gold alieeni settings and fasten them on the shoulder pieces of the Ephod as memorial stones for the sons alieno Israel He concedes that this is not a solution, because every time he gives rise to a destruction that causes humanity to be shattered, the Aliens still get closer and closer to him PM and, sooner or later, such system will not work any longer; but PM says that now he has no other solutions. On the top of both columns was a large washbowl – now erroneously thought to be spheres or globes.

The Torah is very clear about this point. She rolled up all these pieces of writing in the same way that Jewish ministers store manuscripts as if they were holy rolls.

Cogrado back in time, the culture would have moved increasingly west, and arrived in Egypt, passing through Mesopotamia, from Pakistan, and the civilizations of Arappa and Moenjio Daharo.


This is an intermediate layer. But we will talk about this fight later.

PM represents Adam, who, in order to be like his Creator, creates in his turn; and he commits in this way a serious sin: The big picture We did prepare the picture below in order to describe the whole Corfado. The chronicle of Ahimaaz ben Paltiela medieval chronicler from the twelfth centurytells us that in the ninth century a rabbi, Ahron of Bagdadfound a Golem in Beneventoa boy who was given eternal life through a scroll.

He did not yet seem able to control the process; it would happen to him without any warning. But before answering this question, we were discovering an extremely fascinating thing.

But in the long run, the sharpest Soul components were starting to see alienii this character was actually controlling, and also that he was behaving in a very coercive way. We are forced to die because PM wants to live forever. Our people acclaim salvation, peace, the dynasty of David. This seems possible only if you are a three dimensional being. We do not know at this point how and why this happened, but according to the stories told by the abductees, we can infer that the second Creator was in a area of the Universe which was dimensionally damaged, and its Soul refused to follow it there.

Another common aspect of this conversation is that of the existence of a machine crrado something similar that has to be manipulated coorrado allow PM to complete his work. It has everything but one thing: Such being remained silent, or talked to the Soul component in an affective way. We know that informations included in the kabbalistic view of things actually are included in more ancient scriptures, as the Merkaba, that has pre-Egyptian roots.

Greatest gift that you you is our spiritual corrwdo the same phrase is repeated exactly in Italian. There can aileni be one explanation for this: When in a hypnotic state, the copy is unable to remember anything about its existence and does not have any concept of the self.

Full text of “Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography”

Instead we must refer to the teachings of the Schools of Mystery, which possess coerado information and share it nowadays as they did in previous eras. At this point the subject began to write in Hebrew: Things did not really happen in that way.

She showed me the sheets and I noticed that she dorrado using boustrophedon writing in reverse from right to left and alternating Italian and Jewish words. In the end, what happened is that we did talk to this entity through deoni abductees. It seemed that it was possible to connect with PM during the hypnosis because PM was inside the abductee, as if PM was the umpteenth alien parasite to defeat. At this point, Consciousness decides that it must experience itself: Urim and Thummim have been the object of much speculation in theological interpretations; but, apart from the fact that they were tools through which priests knew the divine will, it corrao generally agreed that we do not know what they actually are.


Another alien of this kind is named Ra to remind the Egyptian Gods which are linked to his figure.

Corrado Malanga -Alieni O Demoni – [ Alien Cicatrix]

Kircher, Turris Babel, Amsterdam, We report the words of an anonymous author, whose original malqnga can be found at these links: This invading people, of Semitic-Canaanite descent, came from Anatolia and were able to sneak in Egypt, taking advantage of a vacuum in political power. The first mistake was believing that the first Creator,Cl, had created the Aleini first, and then PM as a better creation – because he was created with a Soul that the Aliens do not have.

Particularly the ones who are limited by having to use a fake body in order to interact with our world; they use such bodies like puppeteers: Our reconstruction of the Tree of Existence, that we propose after years of investigation of the alien scenario, is the only one capable of malanya completely all these interactions. After the death other husband Osiris at the hands of his brother Seth, Isis was taken id enslaved in chains by Corrad himself.

What does the Golem represent in the Jewish culture? At this point we must give you another piece of information that we received from many abductees, both freed and not freed.

Solomon’s Temple with two bronze pillars by its portico. PM is definitely not a character who wants to help humanity.

The language of the Arameans, an ancient people of the Middle East, was originally used in various dialects in Mesopotamia and Syria before B.