“Tell me what you want.” Gabriel got his hand in Rase’s hair again and pulled his head back so far that Rase’s neck hurt, his back starting to. Rase Illion is a middle-aged captain of industry, a restrained man with a spotless reputation just emerging from the shadow of his vicious, driven father. Since his. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Uneven at Anah Crow isn’t cut from that cloth, and Uneven is not a book for people who.

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Uneven by Anah Crow; Dianne Fox – FictionDB

These men play it dark and dirty and actually have unsafe sex during their first encounter. In regards to other elements, I really did enjoy most of the secondary characters.

Credit must be given to the author, Anah Crow, for making Rase such a sympathetic character. I cannot but give it five stars. Must be the power of Uneven.

The story line moves along almost too fast, but it’s mostly believable and it worked for me. Otherwise, I pretty much agree with what I wrote earlier about this book. WOW this was deliciously ruff with a twist of nice.

That being said, you don’t have to be afraid that these two take things uncomfortably far at least not in my eyes. I especially liked the evolution of Rase’s character. Some niggles because I have to pretend Rcow actually cared about them to seem like a reliable reviewer: Actually, Uneven has its unexpectedly sweet moments! A chance meeting with a young man, Gabriel Chariton, in which Gabriel loses his temper and lashes out, unleashes Rase’s carefully hidden submissive and masochistic tendencies.


Thank you for your patience.

Books by Anah Crow

Added after second read: Why Not Kill Them All?: Anah is Currently Reading. Wow, there is so much great stuff in this book. I’m not feel the reviewing vibes but I really want to get this out of mind I know, a fabulous attitude. The story was interesting. I mean, there was still the typical annoying female bitch antagonist who seems to be a recurring figure in MM Romance novels nowadays, however, let’s face it, the plastic trophy wife is a stereotype I will always love to hate.

I want them both. Gabriel loses uneevn temper d Rase Illion is a middle-aged captain of industry, a restrained man with a spotless reputation just emerging from the shadow of his vicious, crwo father.

His hand was shaking. This review has anaj hidden because it contains spoilers. Why it’s been such a scorching pain for him to have suppressed this for all his adult life – even more than the pain of suppressing his sexuality to please his domineering father.

Anah Crow (Author of Uneven)

This read is all about it and oh it hurst so deliciously. Rase and Gabriel are two faces of the same coin! Please read it if you like heavy masochism and sadism.

I wanted more banter, more danger, MORE one on one time instead! There is a fam Hmmm, how to review this one? How To Swap Books? This eventually sets them free to embrace the sadomasochistic needs they both have, in different ways.

The story clearly portrays two consenting adults who are able to fulfil each other’s needs. I’m always wary about rereading things, because what if they don’t hold up? Everything definitely isn’t like it seems, what seemed like rough play turns out to have deeper meaning and I like Anah Crow’s tone in her stories.


I can read two books at the same time, but I get dizzy. I’ll admit it, the way Rase’s sexuality is described is what probably will make me read this book again.

Want to Read saving…. When particular words are used so often that I not only start noticing a trend, but also unconsciously begin to count, I think there’s room for improvement. Anah Crow isn’t cut from that cloth, and Uneven is not a book for people who want to be lightly titillated. He loves to get beat, slapped, punched, kicked and even whipped.


I found myself unexpectedly enjoying the lack of St. Oct 07, Gigi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Enter Rase, a middle-aged captain of industry. I really liked Gabriel but I wished there was more background information about him since we only get some vague things on him. View all 38 comments. Is there a sequel planned? Topics Mentioning This Author.

Here’s what I loved about the story and the way the author worked it: But the point is that because he wasn’t normal, and people have to be normal, he felt that he wasn’t just abnormal: Quests by Jeff Howard.