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A reduction of the operating level would allow for greater headroom, i. While the unit calibrates automatically, the LEDs might indicate values that deviate from the values stated by the controls and scales on the front panel!

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For this purpose, insert the unit directly after the master output of the mixer into the recording path of the master or multitrack begringer.

However, its realization poses many problems. With beyringer audio signal present, the dynamic filter will close down to a user selectable cut off point. One of the basic components of BEHRINGER circuitry is a dynamically controlled low-pass filter which allows low frequencies to pass but filters the high-frequency information, depending on the music material.

Operation of the dynamic filter With a low-frequency input signal present, the dynamic filter will reduce any mid or high-band noise as well as any disturbing noise tails. Due to this outstanding feature, virtually any noise can be removed! The ratio of which ebhringer automatically adjusted, dependent on the program material.


It is fairly obvious that electronics cannot function without components. Object and Liquid Entry: During installation and operation the user must have sufficient electrical contact to earth. To complement this design the choice of components includes high tolerance resistors and capacitors, detented potentiometers and several other stringently selected elements.

If, on the other hand, all LEDs light up, the bandwidth is above 20 kHz and the filter has no influence on the usable signal. Since conventional compander systems CANNOT considerably reduce the noise of the signal source, the result will always be unsatisfactory.

Behringer Denoiser SNR 2000 SNR2000 Dynamic Noise Filter MINT

In return, we guarantee you uncompromising quality manufactured behrinher ISO certified management system as well as excellent technical and audio properties at an extremely affordable price. The cut off frequency of the filter depends on both the input level and the frequency range of the audio signal.

Noise reduction during playback 1. The undirectional magnetic particles passing the audio head can also cause uncontrolled currents and voltages.

Noise as sr phenomenon Signals above this threshold pass without being altered. This is the range where noise is considered most annoying. With an expansion ratio of 5: They boast extreme linearity and very low distortion characteristics. Synthesizers, effects devices, guitar pickups, amplifiers, etc.

Due to the fact that it would be impossible to demonstrate every application you can think of, we recommend to carefully read this manual and the function of its controls, as the unit has a certain complexity due behrlnger the extensive setting variations.


Based on the conditions herein, the buyer may also choose to use the online registration option bheringer the Internet www. Specifications and appearance may differ from those listed or illustrated.

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The delay which the integration time causes in RMS rectifiers is eliminated in a peak detector, i. Insert the unit into the individual microphone channels line inserts or into the master, monitor or effects buses.

The control times of the dynamic filter must be fast enough so that high frequencies will not be cut off. Externally induced power-line hum, etc. The following chart shows a typical setup and can be used as a guide for a variety of applications: For statistical reasons, this produces frequencies within the whole audio spectrum. This requires the use of a noise reduction system. If the two channels are not set identically, a predominant setting in one channel will affect the other channel.

The scale of the ratio is calibrated in dB on the front panel. If the cut off was set for 1 kHz, the bandwidth of the filter would be from 20 Hz to 1 kHz. The dynamic range of various devices 20 4.