Find great deals for Behringer BUC Ultra Bass Chorus Effects Pedal. Shop with confidence on eBay!. 1 user review on Behringer Ultra Bass Chorus BUC The Behringer BUC Ultimate Bass Chorus Effects Pedal is a chorus effect stompbox that gives base signals a super-thick chorusing and stereo effect. The.

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By GilbertDecember 4, in Effects. I have been playing bass for nearly 14 years, and have never had any effects pedals or ever wanted them as I have always like the natural sound of the guitar and amp.

However, I have started playing bass for a new singer songwriter, and feel some of the songs would benefit from some chorusing on the bass. I have been looking around on google and ebay but cant make up my mind and I haven’t got much money left with Xmas and a Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass on order.

I saw a fairly good review demo on youtube comparing it to the boss ceb3 and I couldn’t really tell the difference in the buc40 There also seems to be a legion of behringer fans out there, but also legions who hate it. I guess it’s Marmite.

Behringer ULTRA BASS CHORUS BUC | Bass Effects | Bass | Tiga Negeri Music House

Is it worth me getting it? I want to put some dosh aside to get a higher end pedal later, but I just want something to tide me over for now. Do you really get what you pay for in this case, or should I relax and wait until I have a bigger budget.

Also, are there any other recommendations? Boss, Digitech, Ashdown etc. Are these any good? Behringer kit actually doesn’t sound too bad. For the most part their pedals are cloned from Boss etc.

The only thing to watch out for is that the build quality can be dicey – obviously for this price bracket you’re not going to have a cast metal case and top quality components, so bear that in mind if you’re planning to back-flip onto it as part of your act I had a Digitech chorus pedal last year, and it was VERY hissy – the circuit sounded like it had a gate on it to mute the level of noise when I wasn’t playing.

I guess it cant be that bad. They describe it as being very good. If you want a budget bass chorus, have a try of the GLX bass chorus as well. The GLX units are cheap but they are robust. Worth finding a local shop with a few units to choose from, and giving them a test. Only then will you see and hear if it’s worth it, or if you will be selling it in a few months to get a better unit.

Thanks for the heads up. Just checked some reviews of the GLX, Cant find any bad words. I would have no problem purchasing one of these at the end of Jan, I just cant between now and then. Also the build quality leaves a lot to be desired. I bought a Behringer Octave pedal a couple of years back. I have had one for sometime now.


I wanted a budget chorus pedal for a couple of songs. I got this from a local music shop. The build quality is not great, but treat it well and it should last for a while. The sound is ok and fairly flexible. You pay your money and take your choice. If your budget is low and the use you get out of it in minimal then fair enough, or stump up a few extra quid for another. They are not rubbish and I’ll keep hold of mine. I’m not saying their other pedals are rubbish cgorus the octave one, in my opinion, is.

And based on that experience I won’t buy another of chous boss type pedals. I have a Behringer mixing desk and a few of their mics, all of which are behhringer for the money. I’ve found that Behringer pedals are a bit hit and miss.

Some of them sound great, othersnot so much. If you can find a second hand one you can probably sell it for what you pay for it anyway. What I never understood though is all the complaints about the cases. Who cares if they’re made of plastic? They’re absolutely rock solid. I can understand worries about the quality of the electronic partsthey are cheap parts, presumablybut you’ll be doing pretty damn well to break the outside.

Wow, thanks to everyone for the advice. I love the construction test video. I’ve taken the plunge and ordered one. If it’s crap, then I will buy a better one in the new year. I just need one quick for some recording and cant wait until I get paid next.

Yeah, I dont really care about whether the pedal is metal or plastic as I dont jump about on stage. And for 20 quid, I’m not gonna cry if it breaks! I would probably use it in 2 or 3 songs in our set and it would be used in the whole song, so might not even have it on the floor.

I cant find many video reviews of this pedal on youtube, so maybe Behtinger do one when I get some time. I cant seem to get a chorus effect out of it. It changes the sound a bit, but it is not what I would call a chorus. I’m comparing it to the sound samples on youtube of a boss ceb3.

I’ve never had a pedal before, so I’m not hugely experienced in this new world, begringer I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong, or if it is crap, or I got a bad one? I will play around with it a bit more, but to be fair if I cant get the sound I expected, then I will be returning it and just get the boss.

I have a unexpected choris in my budget. So far I am not impressed. I will report back. You might have got a duff one.


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From personal and friends experience, I wouldn’t buy anyhting from Behringer apart from mixing desk and rack stuff. It rarely seems to work properly. Might take a couple of days. I’ve since tried it cranked up on the amp and all it does is add pressence. All the knobs do something, except the rate knob. It certainly doesn’t add chorus. Think I might send it back and exchange for behringed boss ceb 3. Cant make my mind up whether to beehringer for a multi effects unit like the boss me 20?

I mean, I haven’t used effects in the past, and I dont want to over complicate things, but I’m tempted to see how I get on. I like the idea of options. Behringer pedals are good for trying out effects when first starting a collection, but i wouldn’t recommend them in the long run.

I had 5 or 6 behrinfer i used with guitar and bass, but i’m berhinger to just a couple now. Although some people complain about the noise, it’s not that bad.

My practice amp is great, both the guitar and the bass one, I have a V-Amp2 that is great, and a mixer I bought a bunch in teh first couple of years they came out.

But not a single one of them made me want to keep it. The bass EQ I still have, just in case but it’s a bit noisy and the preamp booster PB that I found nobody who’d buy it off me, which works as it shoyuld, but I have no use for. Latest one was the VB-1, a bassballs clone I would recommend you forget Behringer pedals, and get a used Zoom B2.

All user reviews for the Behringer Ultra Bass Chorus BUC400

It will allow you to experiment a lot with a wide range of FX, and figure out which, if any, you might want to explore further. AND you get a tuner and a basic rhythm machine to play along to and practice at the same time. The Zoom B2 chorus in particular is pretty decent, both mono and stereo, if that’s what you’re after. Yeah, the B2 seems to get a lot of recognition and I think it may be the one I go for. I probably wont buy another Behringer pedal.

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