In his book on Bergson, Deleuze states that ʻthere cannot be a difference in kind but only a difference in degree between the faculty of the brain and the function. In short: we have to recognize that there could be no projected research topic less Deleuzian and Bergsonian, a priori, than this one: “On Deleuze’s Bergsonism. The first book dedicated to Gilles Deleuze’s seminal study of Henri Bergson’s philosophy Henri Bergson is widely accepted as one of the most significant.

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Search, Swim and See: This article has no associated abstract. Request removal from index. The Birth of the Prisontrans. Return to Book Page. Deleuze’s Bergsonism First Edition Craig Lundy Published by Edinburgh University Press Critically analyses Deleuze’s engagement with Bergson, situating it within the broader trajectory of Bergson’s 20th and 21st century reception Explains the origin of concepts central to Deleuze’s work, such as multiplicity and the virtual Demonstrates in detail how the various components of Deleuze’s Bergsonism work together to create a productive and progressively emergent whole Focuses tightly on Bergsonism together with Deleuze’s related essays and lectures on Bergson.

Others, such as the neuroscientist Gerald Edelman, have provided testable hypotheses regarding how these selection processes might work in the brain. To answer this, Dennett would have to take on the issue of the nature of duration and memory, which, so far, he has not really done.

Gilles Deleuze, Bergsonism – PhilPapers

Edelman has built complex automata which display the characteristics of independent, unpredictable learning behaviour, and independent categorization of the world — providing they have homeostats which enable them to discriminate between movement in the sensory apparatus that is of interest and that which is not. Indeed so strong has been the influence of the one on the other that Deleuze’s own work has been characterized by many as a kind of Bergsonian metaphysics restated in terms other than those of Bergson.

I knew more about Bergson before reading this. How can we think of the structures of the body and the mind in terms of a duration which is pure Becoming?


And consequently, when we ask precisely where consciousness and agency lie, we have to confront a very peculiar question: Sign in to use this feature. Deep in the chaotic regime, on the other hand, the system would be too sensitive to small perturbations to maintain its organization. We can also see, I believe, how the change in focus that Capra forces, in our appreciation of Bergson, must lead to a reappraisal of the unfashionable themes of freedom, autonomy and creativity, but in the context of a sensitivity to the new social-control technologies which are opening up.

We can begin to see, then, how Capra helps us to see the body and the mind as structures which have duration built into them as an ontological ground — not as representation, but as progressive differentiation of the dissipative-structure itself.

For Bergson, all of duration is somehow coexistent.

Our Faithfulness to the Past Sue Campbell. History and Becoming Craig Lundy. Freedom has real material roots in the dissipative-structures within the human body.

It is precisely a monist, materialist explanation of the nature, emergence and properties of human consciousness. Nat rated it it was amazing Jan 15, Of the claims of a person that a plenum of delehze exist in their mindhe says: But this is the case with a whirlpool. But there is no such separation. As a constructivist, he was adamant that philosophers are creators, and that each reading of philosophy, or each philosophical encounter, ought to inspire new concepts.

Hollingdale, Penguin, Harmondsworth,p. Find it befgsonism Scholar. Bergson and Husserl are two philosophers who I hold in really high regard for their philosophical sojourns. The first delleuze dedicated to Gilles Deleuze’s seminal study of Henri Drleuze philosophy Henri Bergson is widely accepted as one of the most significant thinkers for Gilles Deleuze’s work. In truth, though, all of them retain models of physical structure which are rather static.


bergsonisn I can only sympathize with the reader’s need to have a dictionary with them while reading this book.


Arnason and Paul A. Apr 15, Brian Kim rated it it was amazing. Connected to this is the second proposition. Bergson himself initially viewed duration as a psychological property only.

I used to read a bergwonism of Deleuze, but I hadn’t in years, and I’m reminded of everything that attracted me about him– his ability to needle your thoughts, provoke you out of an intellectual slumber– as well as what repulsed me, namely his blunt and willing obscurantism.

Books by Gilles Deleuze. Now, Dennett says that representation in the brain does not really exist.

The new Bergsonism

If by behaviourism we mean an attempt to explain human behaviour while pretending that consciousness, meaning, processes of interpretation and so on do not exist, then of course this is not behaviourism.

So while it’s true that Xeleuze is a relatively slim and breezy study – perhaps too slim and breezy, given the depth of its concerns – delsuze no accusing it superficiality. We must understand the nature of social and psychological systems as dissipative-structures. Brian Massumi – – Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 4 1: Our existence as dissipative-structures is a real not a socially constructed fact. The brain and nervous system comprise bergsojism machine which, amongst other things, actualizes consciousness by selecting, from this totality, that which is of relevance for the conscious exercise of will.

It is also frequently noted that Deleuze is largely responsible for having revived bergsojism contoured the prevailing interest in Bergson’s work.

As we have seen, all such encounters leave their mark in the structure of the organism — the organism is duration. Aspects of this qualitative differentiation are accessible to our bodies because they are built into the very structure of our bodies. No trivia or quizzes yet. Ronald Bogue – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 36 3: May 20, Nathan rated it it was amazing.