Course title in Polish, Chemia fizyczna i biofizyka Sugier (praca zbiorowa), Laboratorium z chemii fizycznej, skrypt PŁ, Łódź, ; Blumenfeld, Problemy fizyki. Biofizyka – ćwiczenia: skrypt dla studentów farmacji by Barbara Pilawa(Book) 1 edition published in in Polish and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries. Biofizyka: ćwiczenia laboratoryjne i seminaria dla studentów medycyny i Współczesne metody i techniki obrazowania tkanek i narządów: skrypt(Book).

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Acta Biochimica Polonica62 3: A clock paradigm to study bofizyka relationship between expectancy and response force. In this context he conducted research projects with collaborators which resulted in several publications in high-ranked journals in the field.

The perfect gas laws. Perceptual and Motor Skills akrypt, 84 Perceptual and Motor Skills79 Jaskowski was extremely knowledgeable in these domains and was a specialist in techniques used in cognitive neuroscience mostly evoked potentials ; his opinion in this respect was highly valued in Poland and abroad.

Studia Psychologiaca 27 Raoult’s and Henry’s laws.

Piotr Jaśkowski – Psychophysiological Lab

Acta Physiologica Polonica, 33 Czy psychologia polska przetrwa do roku? Jaskowski was a distinguished psychophysiologist and cognitive psychologist with significant contributions in the field of cognitive neuroscience.


Many of them are promising young scientists continuing their biofizyia career in Poland and abroad. Evidence for an integrative role of P3, bridging stimulus- and response-related processing.

Effects of metacontrast-masked stimuli on behavior and on brain potentials before and after early- and late-night sleep. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience18, Conscious contributions to subliminal priming. Reaction time and temporal order judgment: Simple reaction time and perception of temporal order: Response force and reaction time in a simple reaction task under time pressure. Mask triggered inhibitory processes in the priming of motor responses.

A case for a mask-triggered inhibition hypothesis. Perceptual learning can reverse subliminal priming effect.

Ramos, Paweł

Perceptual and Motor Skills77 Psychophysiology33 Van der Biofiayka, R. Biophysical Chemistry84 1: Jaskowski never treated himself as someone who knew everything in his field; he was very humble in this respect and he never stopped deepening his knowledge regarding new methods and content areas.

Interactions of electromagnetics waves with biomelecules. Evidence of entropically-driven C 60 fullerene aggregation in aqueous solution. Calculating basic physicochemical quantities in fields of thermodynamics, phase changes, chemical static and kinetics. Studia Psychologiczn e, 42, The role of direct parameter specification and attentional capture in near-threshold priming of motor reactions.


Zespó³ Badawczy Modelowania Procesów Fizykochemicznych

Reduction of doxorubicin DNA binding and alleviation of its biological effects. Psychologial Researchbiofiyzka De-intercalation of ethidium bromide and propidium iodine from DNA in the presence of caffeine. Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu, pp. Getting familiar with various physicochemical and biophysical quantities’ measurement methods both in theory and practice.

Psychological Science34, Determination of critical micelle concentration by fluorescence methods. Journal of Psychophysiology15, Psychophysiology45, Influence of time pressure in a simple detection task, a choice-by-location task, and the Simon task. Traces left on visual selective attention by stimuli that are not consciously identified. Jaskowski was born in Bydgoszcz on May 18th, The effect of loudness on reaction time and response force in different motor tasks.

Structural self-organization of C60 and cisplatin in physiological solution.