It appears you are located in United States of America. Stay on SAP Training Shop United States of America or choose another country or region. To learn more. BIT SAP NetWeaver Process Integration SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Participant Handbook Course Version: 74 Course Duration: 5 Day(s) Material. Operations of SAP Process Integration. Using the Runtime Workbench; Using the Process Integration Monitoring (PIMon) Home; Using the SAP NetWeaver.

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You can define Fault Message Types for application error messages and reference them in synchronous interfaces.

This is where the Enterprise Services Repository Integration Repository objects created at design time are configured. To create an action, choose Create Action from either the navigation area or directly from an application component in the context menu this way, the action is also referenced in the component.

You therefore answer the following essential questions before the implementation: Integration Scenario Model As a prerequisite, you must identify the process components and deployment units required, and create these in the modeling environment. Configurations in the Enterprise Services Repository The operation mapping creates a connection between the outbound and inbound interfaces.

Select the types by using the mouse and move them to the editor. In the Integration Directory switch to the Change Lists tab page and then choose the Activate function from the context menu. The structure check is dependent upon stored data types. Select the communication component Specify the communication component for which you want to create the communication channel for example, the business system.


You will find the configuration scenarios under the Configuration Scenario node. According to the assigned role, certain elements of the user interface are activated or not activated to allow only authorized users to be able to carry out bit040 corresponding activities.

BIT – SAP Process Integration | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

A receiver with an inbound interface is available. This starts Java Web Start. The benefits of integratioon Process Integration scenario are as follows: Activate all changed objects by calling the context menu and choosing Activate.

Interface Determination Message Branching If more than one receiver is determined by the receiver determination, the message is copied for each receiver – after the interface determination. Navigate to Message Monitoring and take a look at the status for one of your messages on the Adapter Engine.

Using Versions you can select the message version that is available on the Adapter Engine. Business Systems in the SLD and the Integration Directory Lesson Overview This lesson explains why technical systems are assigned a name the business systemwhich is used for configuration. The uniqueness of an object in the Enterprise Services Repository Integration Repository is determined by the following three elements: Alert category defines the possible receivers of an alert message by assigning roles.

Use the exact name specified in the exercise because the field is case-sensitive. Add application components, reference a product for each component, and assign names to the roles of the application components. A positive system acknowledgement is produced when the message has reached the target system; a positive application acknowledgment is created when no exceptions occur during the execution of the server proxy method.


You then create an application component called ‘Maintain Master Data’. Mapping Between Service Interfaces Exercise 8: If there are no suitable actions, create these as described below. On the Contents tab page, choose to insert the receiver that is to receive the message if the same condition is satisfied.

Runtime Once a document has been transferred to the Integration Server in a special XML format, it is processed in the pipeline. Logical Routing The receiver determination determines from the configuration the valid receivers for a sender communication component with a sender interface. A different application component receives and updates the master data.

It does not matter how you have created the configuration objects, you have to activate the change lists at the end. This allows you to experience seamless navigation while keeping the same UI concepts and operating techniques during the administration and monitoring of these functional units.

SAP Process Integration

The stateful interface pattern can be implemented only in connection with point-to-point connections. These can be both inbound and outbound interfaces. You use groups of business systems to distinguish between different parts of your system landscape.

A product contains independent software components. The process component is a central modeling object that you use to describe part of a value chain in a business application.