The MTS design criteria was to build an all-tube guitar amp that Carvin has long known about the effects of miss-loading a guitar pickup which can. A few months ago, I purchased a used Carvin MTS from a friend . ive herd of this before unfortunately i blew my mts up last night. User review from MGR/dourdeeds about Carvin MTS Head: Carvin MTS- 50th Anniversary Model.

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They’re still only about 5. I recently found a demo with no mod description and it sounded very Marshall Plexi like on the lead channel. It’s a pretty standard design on the front panel. One of the best clean channels ever After the Firebird X, i’m quite convinced Henry Juszkiewicz is crazy.

Adventures in Amplifiers: Making the Carvin MTS suck less

The biggest piece of advice I can give is whenever playing with a tube amp, make sure you keep one hand in your pocket – otherwise, play around on ones you don’t care about until you find something that doesn’t let the magic smoke out! A better option would be to obtain a much better spec’d transformer that was up to the task; however, I have not researched potential replacements – though I would not expect it be too difficult as long as voltage was roughly the same and the same taps existed.

Still have it the combo, same amp though and it is a steal. Thank you so caevin for your post. Sep 10, 3. These make great pedal platforms, but the major of the opinions carvib right about the drive channel, a minor bit fuzzy. However, as much as I like protection on sensitive components, I would probably be inclined to do as you did and replace these resistors with jumpers.

I’ve had a lot more expensive stupid experiments!

Not all tubes are created equal. Yeah definitely nothing great. Glad to have the wingmen here to propel me into the world of tone which I purposely avoided for 30 years because in I did not have the internet as a tool for demystifying the rather intimidating world of the tube amp I really like mine.


But honestly, I haven’t done much to check into it deeper. Instead of reinventing the wheel so to say, I did a lot of research on the various mods that have already been performed, which as you can imagine, yielded a ton of results.

Swapped C1 to 1uf, swapped R1 to k or higher, up to 1 meg would also be goodand swapped C11 to 2. The sound becomes brittle and thin and that’s just no good. Join the HC Newsletter.

Channel two is clean-ish with a single volume. I’d say the my least favorite feature of the amp is the OD channel. If you run it that way for any length, you can also pull the output tubes, which will simply run the preamp.

If you look on ebay you can get a used legacy for less than the mts head. And if it ever falls out of favor, it won’t take up much room in your closet!

Toyed with the idea of either adjusting raising the threshold where the diodes flatten the signal or just removing I had already started checking ebay prices after testing it out, but i think i’ve got it to where it might be a decent backup at least. Yes, my password is: I wonder if you might have had some issues at some point or if a previous owner had these blow up in the past. No matter what preamp tubes I had in it, I was always adjusting my EQ to get it back to where I liked it.

I replaced the 12AX7 with a 12AT7 and all it did was make the reverb a little quieter, but just as harsh. Write a user review Ask for a user review. The reverb, I don’t see how you could call it harsh, but there’s a lot of it! Even if you experimented and blew it up, you would only be out maybe a couple – three hundred bucks. Thanks for the kudos. Clearer, less buzz, nice open chords, and with a boost i can get some useable tight chug tones now too.


Sorry this is so late – for whatever reason, I didn’t reply, which it my bad. I personally haven’t seen any signs of over voltage on my board or the two or three other examples of this amp I’ve been in over carviin past few years.

opinions on the carvin MTS 3200 head?

It has a pretty respectable clean channel that takes effects well when they are thrown right into the input. The clean on it it is really good but I get better tones out of my pod xt. This is an 80’s trick that was employed in some pretty big name amps at the time, but it’s a technique that is kind of like spandex, leg warmers, and big hair – it’s time went and passed and is now better left in the decade of Gordon Gekko. No need for them, but there they are.

Thoughts on the Carvin MTS 3200?

Glad I waited–I learned how to play over mtss last thirty years to the extent that I can, and now, finally I will be able to enjoy the sound of the balls God gave me, not just being glad that I have a pair! Circuitry they are not even close, I have modded both for guys removing the SS circuit.

Actually looking forward to trying it out at rehearsal now.

Thanks for the reply. Log in Become a member. Besides, the heaters for a pair of 12AX7’s are much less likely to short and damage something than the heaters in a quad of 6L6’s and the other 3 12AX7’snone of which have any sort of fusing protection, so I wonder what they 320 thinking