Glasshouse [Charles Stross] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “ONE NIGHTMARISH PANOPTICON.” – The New York Times When Robin . This Glasshouse isn’t just glass. It’s a prism that Charles Stross uses to split his storytelling into all of its component narrative colors — suspense, action, satire. Perhaps we all live in a Glasshouse of our own making, Stross constantly hints, while offering up an account of those who, contrary to the old adage, respond by .

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Everything About You by Heather Child. As for Reeve’s war crimes, all that comes to mind was that stoss of chopping civillians heads off and tossing them through a nonfunctional gate, but that’s more of an accident than a deliberate atrocity.

Certainly, it’s equally absurd to post this on OGH’s thread about his most advanced, post-singulatarian book. There’s few things scarier to me than the ability to alter memories like that to the point that monsters could walk openly among us, their crimes literally forgotten and erased. Sep 09, Kevin rated it it was ok. It is this delight in loading Glasshouse with in-jokes that mean nothing to his characters that creates an ironic distance between the narrator chharles the reader.


That wasn’t an envvironment I wanted to live in as the price of getting to whatever interesting things might be on the horizon. Stross doesn’t seem to understand his female characters his characters that WANT to be female, I should sayand I can’t help but think this book would have been better if someone had pointed this out to him.

In the mean time, I read it, enjoy it and think about it. There’s nothing in the world that I know of quite like that which is depicted here.

Then now that the sameness of all virtue has been proven, try and remember what you and Gorgias say that virtue is. Glasshouse by Charles Stross Goodreads Author.

A selection of her essays and shortfiction can be found at ltimmelduchamp. Chares is a similar problem. There’s some nudity and sex scenes, but the movie is much more about politics of the 60s leftist type than anything else. That’s where the crap factor comes in for me.

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Not all readers will object to Glasshouse ‘s inadequate socio-cultural world-building or its in-jokes shared by the author and the reader at the narrator’s expense. This is My Theory which is mine and which is called My Theory.

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We own a copy of Glasshouse but I can’t find it on the shelves. Charlie, We own a copy of Glasshouse but I can’t find it on the shelves. Reeve, for instance, reacts with flagrant, edge-pushing defiance to dress prescriptions, which Sam nervously tries to restrain.

Did you post this over a kalbi taco? It might also be noted that step programs tend to be faith-based and usually one of the steps is acknowledging a ‘higher power’. We never see the narrator or anyone else paying for anything in the Invisible Republic—not for having a new copy of his self made when the old one gets killed in a sword fight, not for eating dinner out, not for seeing his therapist, not when “buying” drinks. There’s also some treatment of gender that sometimes felt, at first glance, a little broad, even near the point of stereotypical.

Don’t be fooled, it’s just lulling you into complacency. Here’s a hint — if you weren’t a white middle class male, s America was just slightly more oppressive than you seem to think.

Are my memories real or implanted? These can be linked to each other by T-gates, creating a huge network of interconnected societies, known as the Republic of Is. Dubstep may not be your preferred musical style – it’s not mine – but it has arisen in the last 20 years; the first proto-dubstep releases appeared only in Maybe it’s one of those things where there’s even more cultural allusions and cross-references to other works which I simply don’t know about either due to simple random chance or due to things that are assumed-to-be-known in the English speaking world that might not be so to somebody for whom it is a language learned in school.

Glasshouse is a science fiction novel by British author Charles Strossfirst published in Well, IMO any form of “art” is potentially rubbish when no-one except a small group seems to get anything out of it. The odd thing is that this doesn’t necessarily matter. I don’t have the right ‘cryptic crossword’ abilities. As it is, that’s one for the archives; something for future liberal arts majors to pore over when writing their thesis. How could this book possibly go wrong?


Glasshouse by Charles Stross

Plus I wanted a book that I wouldn’t care about dropping into bubbles, and this was one of the few mass market paperbacks on my shelves not to be immediately traded away. Thematically it’s about the unreliability of human memory and perceptions. A mild example; try checking into a nice hotel with the name Goldberg, suddenly there’d be no vacancies. Robert Heinlein at A. But I reread a lot of books, and while Glasdhouse might play this game with many of them, I think this could be one of the easier ones to do that way.

It’s also full of good thinking fuel, about identity and memory and Who We Are. The reader can infer that these privileges include assured immortality, absolute civil rights, apparently free access to unlimited material resources, and extraordinary freedom of choice. No matter what cahrles Reader might wish – Things Happen. The story itself is about an experiment where copies of newly-healed soldiers are placed into a 21st century environment to see how things worked.

This is not an academic question. Because what I should be writing is more Merchant Princes.

Strange Horizons – Glasshouse by Charles Stross By L. Timmel Duchamp

Lots of loose ends left, probably why I like rereading it so much, as every time I notice something new that shifts my viewpoint a bit… Hm. And yet, references to money abound. OK, I stand corrected, I didn’t consider the possibility that you cater to your primary market. I don’t feel the need for a sequel, as I thought the story was so well contained – some stories glasshouss sequels, and some simply delight as they stand alone.

Lynching in the South, wasn’t limited to African-Americans, could happen to anyone on the wrong side of the Klan. Once I’d figured stroas whole people-as-data thing you really know your sys admin Mr. He took his vorpal sword in hand