Written/Delivered: January 28, (1st document) The Congress government has arrested one thousand communists during the last one month. Most of. The Naxalite ideology is broadly based on Comrade Charu Majumdar’s historic Eight Documents and creative application of. HISTORIC DOCUMENTS – CHARU MAZUMDAR. SOURCE: CM-WORKS BLOG. Our Tasks in the Present Situation (28th January, – First Document).

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Historic Eight Documents – Wikipedia

Skip to content Document — 1 Our Tasks in the Present Situation 28th January, The Congress government has arrested one thousand communists during the last one month. The main aim of American imperialism is to establish India as the chief reactionary base in South-East Asia. C believed that only armed struggle was necessary. As a result of this dependence on imperialism, the internal crisis of capitalism is bound to increase day by day.

The old ideas become manifest in i not accepting the leadership of the great Chinese Party against international revisionists; ii in not accepting the new developing forces; iii in not making the working class conscious of this new realization; iv in not aiding the struggle of the peasantry, which is the main ally of the working class.

To ignore open and legal struggles is left adventurism.

He felt that the enemy would not be quiet until the people consciously realize the need of adopting he form of armed struggle. A mass organization fights for immediate interests,t he partial demands of a section of a class;the party fioghts for the attainment of revolutionary transformation. Sometimes conflicts occur majumdad more than 2 political forces act within one organization.

For, there is no class analysis behind this. On the one hand this ultra-Leftist slogan and on the other, in regard to the political question, a desperate desire to forge unity in the electoral field which means acting as an appendage of the bourgeoisie. A majority of revolutionary left stream formations of the day broadly accept this programme but their interpretation and understanding differ.


Our Tasks in the Present Situation. The more the Government will be dependent on imperialism, the more it will fail to solve its internal crisis.


It gives no role to participation in elections at any point of he struggle. Comrade Stalin has said: Dkcuments nationalism is extremely narrow and it is narrow nationalism that is today the biggest weapon of the ruling class.

We should remember that the teaching of Com. Chwru Panchayats Act PESA is another practical provision which puts the powers of managing the forests in the hands of the Panchayats run by the tribes who reside there. T he quantity and quality of politics has to be analysed.

Marxism-Leninism firmly opposes these forces, avenges their every attack, and mobilizing the masses through long-drawn struggle alone destroys these reactionary forces.

Eg Warring factions of ruling classes and their political representatives. On the questions of Kashmir, Nagas, etc. This documments the basic point of Party education. The Indian bourgeoisie has not been able to find out any other way except killing democracy, faced with the instructions of American imperialism and its own internal crisis.


If necessary, shelters for keeping one or two underground will have to be arranged. Congress appoints 10 additional spokespersons. Because the Chinese Revolution cannot be destroyed. Firstly, what was the historical reason as a result of which this massive form of that movement in those days could create intense hatred against the class enemy?


By killing democracy there can be no solution of this crisis, and the Indian bourgeoisie also will not be able to solve this crisis. On the other hand, we have to expose this traitorous government which has, within seventeen years, turned India into a playground of imperialist exploitation.

Category: Historic Eight Documents (1965-1967)

In a country of backward economy, trade in foodstuff and essential commodities is inevitable for the creation of capital, and control creates obstacles in the creation of this capital, and as a result of that, internal conflict takes the form of internal crisis. The Historic Eight Documents are a set of eight monographs authored by the Indian Maoist revolutionary Charu Majumdar that outline the ideological principles on which the Naxalite militant communist movement in India was based.

Earlier production used to take place in smaller ,localized and almost self-reliant units;this prevented different sections of working people ,involved in the production process from coming close toeaxch other,a nd uniting themselves as a class with self-consciousness.

In June they presented a note to the C.

If we look upon rich peasants as middle peasants, the poor and landless peasants will be frustrated. In a revolutionary movement for long docyments the the situation for running mass organizations as front organizations dose not arise.

To get used to illegal work, it is an essential task for every Activist Group to paste illegal posters. The Naxalbari uprising of March saw the implementation of Charu Majumdar’s vision of revolution.