Philippics, 1. Cicero translated by C. D. Yonge. «About This Work | Cic. Phil. 1 | Cic. Phil. 2 | About This Work». 1I. Before, O conscript fathers, I say those things. Cicero (Marcus Tullius, –43 BCE), Roman advocate, orator, politician, poet, and philosopher, about whom we know more than we do of any other Roman. Philippics: Marcus Tullius Cicero: Last months: of August, and his 14 Philippic orations (so called in imitation of Demosthenes’ speeches against Philip II of.

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After having promised it to him, and pledged himself to aid him, he prevented his getting it, and transferred it to himself.

Although he denies this: I was desirous, if I could, to be of service philippjcs the republic even before the first of January. However, let us say no more of that war, in phklippics you were too fortunate. Although you showed yourself all on a sudden an enemy to me; still I pity you for having envied yourself.

How then did Dolabella manage to arrive there? This that I am saying must tear you and bring blood enough if you have any feeling at all. He is become economical. And did you place around it abandoned men armed with swords? In truth, that wife of yours, who is so far removed from covetousness, and whom I mention without intending any slight to her, philippids been too long owing her third payment to the state.

And yet I will not say all I could, in order that if I have often to battle with him I may always come to the contest with fresh arms; and the multitude of his vices and atrocities cicro easily enable me to do so.

For at that time every man had possession of his own house; and you had no house anywhere, O Antonius.

How were they verified by you? And do you dare taunt me with the name of that man whose friend you admit that I was, and whose assassin ciccero confess yourself?


Mark now, O conscript fathers, the rest of his life, which I will touch upon rapidly. I was desirous, if I could, to be of service to the republic even before the first of January.

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Then he thought that he could live with Hippia by virtue of his office, and that he might give horses which were the property of the state to Sergius the buffoon. In the mean time, while you yourself were absent, what a day was that for your colleague when he overturned that tomb in the forum, which you were accustomed to regard with veneration! Lately, too, a document has been posted up by which the most wealthy cities of the Cretans are released from tribute; and by which it is ordained that after the expiration of the consulship of Marcus Brutus, Crete shall cease to be a province.

The Loeb Classical Library edition of Cicero is in twenty-nine volumes. Bloodstained, indeed, it may be, but still needful at these times, since it is not restored to those to whom it really belongs. In truth, such a defence is full of filial affection.

Philippics | orations by Cicero |

You, with those jaws of yours, and those sides of yours, and that strength of body suited to a gladiator, drank such quantities of wine at the marriage of Hippia, that you were forced to vomit the next day in the sight of the Roman people.

I, who had no connexion with him, acted by his counsels while I philippic consul. How many jests are frequently put in letters, which, if they were produced in public, would appear stupid! Of about speeches, 58 survive a few incompletely29 of which are cicerro to the Roman people or Senate, the rest to jurors. Now in his house every bedchamber is a brothel, and every dining-room a cookshop.

Whole storehouses were abandoned to the most worthless of men. But the fact that the same man finds fault with my melancholy, and also with my jokes, is a great proof that I was very moderate in each particular. On the next day, on the day after that, on the third day, and on all the following days, you went on without intermission, giving every day, as it were, some fresh present to the republic; but the greatest of all presents was that, when you abolished the name of the dictatorship.


Was I not to plead against one with whom I was quite unconnected, in behalf of an intimate acquaintance, of a dear friend? For now, since I have sufficiently replied to all his charges, I must say a little about our corrector and censor himself. Seven major philosophical works are extant in part or in whole, and there are a cidero of shorter compositions either preserved ciceero known by title or fragments.

But because each of us had a definite object to pursue, our disagreement was the more endurable. Consider, I beg you, Marcus Antonius, do some time or other consider the republic: You laid the Roman people under the obligations of religion; you as augur interrupted an augur; you as consul interrupted a consul by a false declaration concerning the auspices. On the first of June Antonius assembled the senate to deliberate on the affairs of the republic, and in the interval visited all parts of Italy.

After some time he at last went into Spain; but, as he says, he could not arrive there in safety. You laid the Roman people under the obligations of religion; you as augur interrupted phjlippics augur; you as consul interrupted a consul by a false declaration concerning the auspices.

You are at liberty to find fault with my conduct on those ciceto if you can. But however ciceto treat us, as long as you adopt those counsels, it is impossible for you, believe me, to last long. Did I persuade Caius Trebonius?

Oh, but I advised it. The authority of this order is overthrown; it is Antonius who has overthrown it.

I say nothing about who the man was.