Conan of Aquilonia Boris Art [L Sprague Decamp] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mighty Conan in a fight to the death against the most. A vengeful Conan journeys from the dark forests of Gunderland to the ends of the earth in pursuit of Thoth-Amon and the evil wizards of the Black King who killed. Conan of Aquilonia is a collection of Conan stories by L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter first published by Prestige. Contents “The Witch of the Mists” (-) • L.

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Shemite mercenaries are assigned to the border and settle among the villagers. Black Colossus topic “Black Colossus” is one of the original short stories starring the fictional sword and sorcery hero Conan the Cimmerian, written by American author Robert E.

The book is essentially a novel, split into four consecutive stories. Most post-Howard Conan stories, however, are completely original works. Howard’s character Conan the Barbarian. Plot overview An ancient wizard named Thugra Khotan is awoken from his 3, year slumber by Shevatas, a Zamoran thief he doesn’t survive the experience. Member feedback about Conan of Venarium: Fun read, though the inclusion of “baby Conan,” his son Conn, made this one a little more hokey than most of the books.

Conan of Aquilonia by L. Sprague de Camp; Lin Carter – FictionDB

The Mysteries of Time Conan Conan: Unfortunately, they fail to reckon with Aquilonia’s king, Conan, who meets their offensive and smashes their army, forcing them to flee the battlefield. Barbarians and Black Magicians Flashing Swords!

Thoth-Amon was the foremost sorcerer of the Stygian culture, which Howard set up as the ancestors of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Warriors and Wizards Flashing Swords!

Aquilonia (Conan)

The military fortress of Fort Tuscelan served to contain the army forces assigned to this area. However, now he has to train and protect the “Chosen Ones”, a trio of new young warriors who are in possession of magical “star stones”, until the time comes in which they are destined to rule over Hyboria. The Hyborian culture of the time was described by Howard as dynamic, and its civilizing influence was felt by most of their barbarian neighbors. Conan finds himself in a titanic mental struggle with Xotli.


Mar 10, Vincent Darlage rated it did not like it Shelves: Character Howard most likely derived the character’s name from the Egyptian deities Thoth and Amon. The character has proven durably popular, resulting in Conan stories being produced after Howard’s death by such later writers as Poul Anderson, Leonard Carpenter, Lin Carter, L.

On the way he rescues a woman in quest of her missing sister, said to have gone to the same place. They engage in war with each other when not actively and stubbornly defending their territory from the raids and military invasions of their neighbors.

Howard for his Conan the Barbarian series of stories. Member feedback about The Witch of the Mists: Multiple audio dramas have been adapted, from professional audio books and plays to LibriVox recordings of works in the public domain. Both the character and the setting were first imagined by American author Robert E.

Hard to beat the original Conan. Member feedback about The Black Stranger: Plus I doubt I’ve ever read so many superlative adjectives in a single book before.

Hunting the swift stag and the tusked boar in the gloomy forests of the Gunderland Marches, Conan loses his son Conn to Thoth-Amon and the supremely evil wizards of the Black Ring–and is drawn into a deadly pursuit to the very ends of the death, and a battle to the deepest levels of Mighty Conan in a fight to the death against the most dangerous fiends of the Hyborian age!

Conan of Aquilonia (Conan) by L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter – Risingshadow

Conan the Liberator is a fantasy novel by American writers L. The Picts seem to fear the place, understandably, since it shows signs of having once been a site sacred to Set, the serpent god of Stygia. Looking back now over the wild path he followed, all those days of toil, intrigue, slaughter and tribulation seem like a dream.

Member feedback about Xaltotun: Mitra is a deity from the Hyborian Age setting created by Robert E. Conan the Swordsman topic Conan the Swordsman is a collection of seven fantasy short stories and associated pieces written by L. The story includes Tsotha-lanti who is an evil wizard whose sorcerous arts help ensnare King Conan. One player controls the evil creatures Necromancer, Picts, monsters, etc and the other players control Conan and his companions.


The latter are building their own new empire which included Zamora, Brythunia, the Border Kingdom, Corinthia, eastern Koth, and eastern Shem. The Aquilonians didn’t care of the eventual fates of their Pictish mercenaries following their service, but the veterans returned to their people with new cinan on the advanced art of war.

Member feedback about L. He had almost completed a century of life and had changed the world through his ambition.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. The Roleplaying Game topic Conan: Member aqyilonia about Conan the Rogue: In total, more than fifty novels and dozens of short stories featuring the Conan character have been written b Howard in March By Set, mine enemy knew not the hour when he might awake at midnight to feel the taloned fingers of a nameless horror at his throat!

The underground route is highly dangerous, and for a moment it seems that Conan’s long and illustrious career would end with him being devoured by a swarm of giant rats.

Conan of Aquilonia

It’s set in the pseudo-historical Hyborian Age and concerns Conan escaping to a remote island in the Vilayet Sea where he encounters the Red Brotherhood, a skulking creature, and mysterious iron statues. First, Conan must journey into Hyperborea and rescue his kidnapped son, Prince Conn, from an unholy alliance between Thoth-Amon and the witch queen, Louhi.

Xaltotun is aquuilonia – the aquilpnia time Conan faces Xaltotun in direct combat, Xaltotun brushes Conan aside as easily as if he were swatting a fly, blasting him unconscious with a flick of his hand. Aquilknia, no paths are straight and my sword is useless. Lin Carter topic Linwood Vrooman Carter June 9, — February 7, was an American author of science fiction and fantasy, as well as an editor, poet and critic.

Some day they’ll try to sweep the settlers out of Conajohara. Aside from Conan’s character aauilonia, which is identical to the one in Conan the Adventurer, this series has a few small links to its predecessor.