Confrontation was the precursor to GW’s Necromunda, which is still in publication today as part of their Specialist Games range. Confrontation. Page 1 of 5 – Confrontation – StD’s Necromunda thread. – posted in + Necromunda: Underhive +: Well as we will soon get another edition of. Perhaps the most striking difference between Necromunda and Confrontation is that the latter doesn’t class gangs according to the house they.

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Necromunda First Releases (Confrontation) – Collectors Guide

The following weapons didn’t make it however:. Retrieved from ” http: Reyner and Sister Alessia like this. Edited by Slave to Darkness, 27 August – Some poor sod takes a wrong turning somewhere Ooh maybe a gang based on Disney Princesses!!!!

Sister Alessia likes this. Due to staring at these minis for a few years I can say that I have lost interest in finishing them off at the moment.

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Posted by Tears of Envy at Knight of Lupus 16 Aug In other news Im mid way through a Venator executioner with a large axe, just trying to find arms that will hold his mighty chopper. Angry girly punk music isnt exactly confroontation thing conrrontation I sure as hell cant paint a Black Metal logo that small. This page is part of the Necromunda – Collectors Guide Contents.


Babes in Toyland and Bikini Kill would make good gang names I think. At one point before the glue set she was slowly sliding down the wall like she had one bottle of second best too many.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Posted 26 August – After poking through confronttion bits box I have found the Hybrid arm with the sticks of Dynamite, now I need to finish the tongue sculpting, I NEED an Escher explosives ‘expert’ of Badassitude, and I think the tongue would give her a certain something rather than ‘generic looking confrontatin with explody things’.

As for weapons the old Confrontation charts gave Venators a higher chance of starting with Needlers and Web Guns all equipment was chosen randomly for a starting gang, I quite liked that actually.

Confrontation – StD’s Necromunda thread.

Oh what band logo should I graffiti on the wall? Personal tools Log in Request account.

The Hive world of Necromunda appeared fairly early on in the development of the Warhammer 40, universe. Confrontation was the precursor to GW’s Nectomundawhich is still in publication today as part of their Specialist Games range. Hidden Content and my fave, Ana looks so hardcore.

Confrontation | Necromunda Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This page was last edited on 10 Januaryat Although the following four figures are commonly described as Hunters, the blister packs in which they were briefly available described them as Underhive Gangers. The wiring in my guitar is held in with blutac and ductape I think I might be half Ork lol.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Tears of Envy 4 August at Community Forum Discord Server. Thursday, 4 August Confrontation in Necromunda. I know we don’t know exactly what the new rules will bring us for weapons so I will keep the equipment generic, though I will convert up a few minis armed with the exotic weaponry so I can still use the gang in Inquisitor 28 games etc.


Although the following figures are commonly described as Ratskins, the blister packs in which they were briefly available described them as Underhive Gangers.

Threaten to paint her hair a “normal” colour. Posted 20 August – Games Portal Necromunda game. Currently I have or am working on an Escher gang, a Brat gang, a Scavvy gang Confrontation style Scavs, not the toxic looking ‘Munda scavs and a ‘Wastelanders’ gang I play a lot of Fallout and Boarderlands I run using the ‘Unknown Warriors’ rules to create my own gang. I swear its the best sounding guitar ever, when it works that is lookimg forward to your next update!

The only thing I don’t have in my bits box is axes so this will be a cheap project for once. neceomunda

Annoyingly most of the images are on my old laptop that I don’t have access to at the moment, these are all I could find at the moment. Sign In Create Account. The Labyrinth, realm of limitless eternal pain and pleasure. And with a new Gang: Due to the hype surrounding NuMunda I want to try something new whilst I am all twitchy and excited. Sound like a nice bunch of chaps don’t they?

Although the following four figures are commonly described as Maniacs, the blister packs in which they were briefly available described them as Underhive Gangers.

Confrontation (game) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Confrontation was a tabletop wargame serialised in White Dwarf Magazine in the early s. Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! Also doubles up as a Spawn made from my Pleasure Cults Fleshcrafter.