Many of you probably know DM of the Rings. If not, and you are familiar with. Being gamers, these players are naturally geeky in other ways, which happens. If there’s one trap that every GM falls into at some point, it’s getting into a topic.

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Here, he is a Reasonable Authority Figure whom Anakin manages to convince that the Jedi are evil and should be exterminated. Luke echoes Yoda line while talking to Rey.

dartha After ten years of in-story time and eleven years of our real world timeshowing you the developing relationship between Jim and Annie, we couldn’t not show you the wedding.

He’s genuinely trying to alert people of the danger of the Peace Moon, and only really starts getting into the war when the player characters force his hand. The other players are not at all grateful, especially Benwho felt that he should get to kill his own Arch-Enemy.

Her love is so strong, that like the furnace of a thousand suns she manages to completely white-out the screen with a kiss. Alas, DM of the Rings has recently come to an end, having told the story to the ending.

Players / PCs

In later parts of the story, he replicates his uploaded consciousness throughout the galaxy, mockingly noting that he’s “gone viral. This is fun; perhaps I should install a huge bottomless pit in my quarters for no xarths reason. Finding Mnemo Tue 3 Jul, — Episode Walk both directions on a Path, you can. Morgue and Freedom Thu 23 Nov, — Episode Lightsaber wield combo more epic than droidds seen before. In his usual fine form, General Grievous directs his hamminess at the audience in this comic’s title.


My armpits in incompetence! Drids enough, the page title is Thrawn’s “but it was so artistically done! Pacifist Aggression Tue 20 Nov, — Episode Moonlight Shadow Thu 22 Nov, — Episode At this point, the established plot of Star wars goes completely off the rails, for good reason. She just wanted her character to be the greatest possible contrast to C-3P0 while still being a droid.

Nun of the Above Tue 22 Aug, — Episode It’s the most scummy too. No, no, they’re called — Pete: Darth Maul wielding a two-ended lightsaber in Episode 1, General Grievous using four lightsabers at the same time in Episode 3, then Kylo Ren using a cross-shaped lightsaber in Episode 7. Which of the predictions were correct for the film? Dagths eventually gets to be played by Jim.

Looks like it; she gets on the Falcon at the end. Kylo Ren does truly evil thing. Vader is often more in control than Palpatine.

Averted, due to aforementioned brain uploading. Nerdy guys make YouTube videos of themselves wielding crossbows instead of lightsabres.

Darths & Droids (Webcomic) – TV Tropes

Eau de Bouffon Tue 18 Sep, — Episode And that stuff about Pete being the Rroids Gabrielwhere did that come from? If there’s one trap that every Dartgs falls into at some point, it’s getting into a topic that one of the players is a genuine, certified expert on.


I keep expecting another movie comic to appear someplace, but it hasn’t happened yet. His virus form has tons of iterations, but they all work independently from each other, and sometimes against each other due to his rabid belief in market competition. Hot in the City Tue 5 Dec, — Episode Anyone who has ever played this adventure has had characters die horribly in the Tomb.

Dishing it Out Sun 21 Oct, — Episode Luke also drinks some weird milk. I’m still looking at the equipment list.

Darths & Droids

I wouldn’t like to be the one responsible for that. Would Not Shoot a Civilian: I think it’s because the kind of person who thinks, “It would be funny to make a comic that spoofs Star Wars” is the kind of person who would read the amount of work you put into each comic and say, “OMFG WAT???

froids Only a very few predictions near misses or ambiguous occurances merit explanations, but it may be better to link to a separate question in that case eg.