The Vigor series is DrayTek’s flagship premium ADSL router/firewall family. Packed with features, the Vigor offers truly comprehensive ADSL. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not upgrade directly from (and earlier) to Due to differences in the Web UI and functionality the router MUST first be. DrayTek Vigorn download manual. Vigorn User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the DrayTek Vigorn router.

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The phone number set here is used to add, strip, or replace the OP number. Click any index number to display the dial plan setup page.

Data Flow Monitor Now, the PPPoE Internet connection will follow manuap schedule order to perform Force On or Force Down action according to the time plan that has been pre-defined in the schedule profiles. Enter the login password on the field of New Password and retype it on the field of Retype New Password.

The following web page will appear.

Download Manual for the DrayTek Vigorn

The default value 0 means no limitation of callback manyal. The default value is and this must match with the peer Registrar when making VoIP calls. Table Of Contents Preface Don’t have an account? System Maintenance For the system setup, there are several items that you have to know the way of configuration: Before starting to configure the router, you have to connect your devices correctly. Trusted Ca Certificate The router is powered off.


This allows users to change the information of the router such as IP address and the routers will automatically inform for each other.

Draytek Vigor Vn Manuals

Interface Description Factory Reset Restore the default settings. Now you can see the following screen. Such connection might damage your router.

Go to Certificate Management and choose Local Certificate. Configuring Basic Settings For use the router properly, it is necessary for you to change the password of web configuration for security and adjust primary basic settings.

Provide bridge traffic between two LANs through the dratyek. European Community Declarations No.

Page 23 In the following dialog, type Draytek Vigor Declaration Of Conformity 1 page. Show all Vigorvn Vigorvs Vigorvsn. Don’t have an account? Below is a sample page obtained from Vigor Vn.

Draytek Vigor 2820Vn Manuals

In addition, if you want to use the IP range from defined groups or objects, please choose Group and Objects as the Address Type. A digital certificate works as an electronic ID, which is issued by a mannual authority CA.

Vigor router will exchange routing information with neighboring routers using the RIP to accomplish IP routing. Page draytem Also the Vigor router will discard any request that tries to retrieve the malicious code.

Then click Next to continue. Comments draytwk this Manuals Your Name. Vigor nVigor vnVigor vsVigor vsn. Such step can make correct driver loaded onto your PC.

  ER 37-2-10 PDF

Network Connection By 3g Usb Modem One reason for QoS is that numerous TCP-based applications tend to continually increase their transmission rate and consume all available bandwidth, which is called TCP slow start.

Calling Via Sip Sever Make sure your PC connects to the router correctly. If you both register to draytem same SIP Registrar, then it will be illustrated as below: Now you can define the name for that Class. Table of contents Quick Start Guide Data Flow Monitor This page displays the running procedure for the IP address monitored and refreshes the data in an interval of several seconds.

There are two phases of IPSec. Click Diagnostics and click Routing Table to open the web page. Dialplan registration messages to validate. Below shows the menu items for Diagnostics.

Then, in the following dialog, click Finish. In an Infrastructure Mode of wireless network, Vigor wireless router plays a role as an Return to previous page. Page 24 Now, your system will ask nanual to choose right name of the printer that you installed onto the router.

Set to Factory Default Index Name