Methods. Eleutherine palmifolia bulb was extracted with ethanol. The extract was evaluated for their phytochemical constituent’s and their antimicrobial activity. Methods Eleutherine palmifolia bulb was extracted with ethanol. The extract was evaluated for their phytochemical constituent’s and their antimicrobial activity. Abstract. Dayak onions (Eleutherine Palmifolia (L.) Merr.) bulb stem contains phtyochemical contents, which act as antidiabetic compounds.

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The R f values were 0.

Bioautography of ethyl acetate extract against B. When ripe split into 3 cavities filled with numerous seeds. This plant prefers open places with humus-rich soil and moist enough. Table 2 The results of qualitative phytochemical screening. The flowers form a single flower, white in color, found in the armpit-armpit leaves, the flower clumps ranging from 4 to palmifollia flowers.

Guide of pharmaceutical and medical student. Increasing the concentrations of all extract was directly correlated with the increasing inhibition activities. Also beneficial to overcome interference childbirth, clean uterus, vagina tighten, tighten your stomach and reduce the fat and so on. Besides being used as a medicinal plant crops can also be used as an ornamental plant because of beautiful flowers with alluring white color. This plant is trusted to treat various diseases.


ArticleView Abstract Pharmacognosy Journal,10, 1, Padmawinata K, Soediro I, translators. This explanation was in accordance with the statement of Kanazawa et al.

This result suggested that ethyl acetate extract was more effective in inhibiting the growth of P. Dayak onion plant was collected from Samarinda, East Kalimantan Indonesia in Table 3 Antibacterial effectiveness of the extract with the highest inhibition activity towards tested bacteria.

Skip to main content. Bawang Dayak Dayak onion Reference: Therefore midwives are required to provide antenatal care and provide information and knowledge about pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum in antenatal visits.

These plants form a merumpun chronic terna very strong, eventually the large clumps. Furthermore, an efficient technique namely Bioautography was also employed Oedjijono Screening test phytochemicals and antibacterial effects of ethanol extracts of onion bulbs sabrang Eleutherine palmifolia Merr.

Bawang Dayak Eleutherine Palmifolia 100g

After three days, the mixture was filtered palmirolia give n -hexane filtrate and the residue-I. However, those studies mainly used ethanol extract from the bulb.

Based on the antibacterial activity tests, the ethyl acetate extract of Dayak onion gave significant effect in inhibiting most bacteria tested. Effectiveness of antibacterial extract wood siwak Salvadora persica against bacterial growth Porphyromonas gingivalis.

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Increasing concentrations would result in the higher composition of bioactive compounds in the extract, so the ability to inhibit bacterial growth was also getting stronger. Damage to the porine will reduce the permeability of bacterial cell walls, decrease the nutrients uptake, and inhibit bacterial growth Cowan Maternal readiness will affect labor especially in primigravida. While there is tannin content can be used as a stomach ache remedy.


Merr is a special crop Central Kalimantan.

The extraction process was performed gradually using three different polarities of solvents. Antibiotic susceptibility testing by a standardized single disk method. Each extract was tested its antibacterial activity towards methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus MRSABacillus cereusShigella sp.

Each extract was weighed and stored in a dry and tightly closed container. The antibacterial effectiveness of extract to the antibiotic was calculated by the equation Orho et al.

The leaves are crushed with other ingredients spiked drunk to women childbirth. High only reached 26 to 50 cm. Type line bone leaf margin elehtherine line with the smooth and shaped ribbon-shaped leaves form a line.

The results from TLC showed four spots at nm wavelength and four spots at nm wavelength. Bawang DayakBulbs of plantEleutherine palmifolia L.