10th Edition Examkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package · Jonathan Orsay Examkrackers MCAT Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning. David Orsay. COUPON: Rent Examkrackers Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning 2nd edition () and save up to 80% on textbook rentals and 90% on. MCAT: Medical College Admission Test: Examkrackers passages in Medical David Orsay. Other Authors. Examkrackers, Inc. Edition. 2nd ed. Published.

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I was sort of wondering how people were doing the EK test as it’s verbal is set up for the old test. I did heavy analysis examkrackerw starting 2 too, so I think that helped. I’m reviewing passage in that manner due to time issues. EK 10 score was not something nice to see.

I started the series last week. Any thoughts for those who did it?

AAMC likes to go: EK Test 1: Correct reworded to not sound like main idea B. Or maybe I’ll calm passages, and keep practicing, and wait to see what my actual verbal score on the aamcs are before acting hastily.

Though I disagree with a couple, but what do I know Kaplan helps with getting to understand difficult material and EK helps with the tricky questions Do a test at a time at a exa,krackers sitting. Is there a newer book with only 7 passages at a time, or do you just use the old book and do them all?

These problems seem WAY harder than the TPR practice tests in the sense that the answer choices all seem really vague and not what I’d personally answer if it were a free-response question. There are plenty of different ways to study. My EK scores are getting frustrating to the point I feel like tearing up my stuffed animals. It seems to be helping pawsages score, but I’m not really working on timing at the moment.


For me breaking editiln the sections extends my prep, keeps my brain fresh to analyze the passages to ensure I’m picking answers for the right reasons, and allows examkrackees more time to review the passages in more depth. Unfortunately, my book ends at pg !! I usually try to review my verbal tests within 1 hour after I take them.

My score was steadily increasing! The answers did not make sense, and it was very unlikely such a question would be on the real MCAT. If so, how many would you recommend I save and how many days prior should I take them?

New & Used Books for Jonathan Orsay Paperback

That’s incredible either way. Condition is Like New. I can tell a pretty dramatic difference from when I started my prep. May have some damage to the cover or binding but integrity is still intact. Sometime within the next day or so, read the explanations and figure out why I got an answer right or wrong 3. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

The questions go by much quicker if you know the passages well. Oh and I hate their passage about chinese eition.

Examkrackers 101 Verbal

Cuz here’s what happened: I got a scaled score of Of course, people differ in their study methods. I was scoring very low when I first started around 6. This book contains MCAT verbal passages in the form of 11 full length verbal exams fo This book is in Good overall condition. I actually find EK to be not that obscure in terms of its answer choices. I’m going to review my answers now. I’ve also search this site for it.


I copied and pasted the question on word and analyzed them. That info is no where in the passage about oyester shells??

Once I get the question types down prob in another 3 weeks or soI’ll start doing actual timed verbal session and then work on my timing. Vrebal I feel like I’m rushing through the passages.

If another country, state country at minimum, in addition, area or city if you like. Cuz it’s like, when I’m timed, I’m so nervous, I’m like Or a couple of passages at a time?

Examkrackers Verbal: Books | eBay

Those questions that Orsay wrote is so -detail oriented and tricky that I find myself going “wtf was he thinking? Did anyone else notice this? This may include stains. Seems likely to be correct based on main idea C. Thanks Examkrackeers chart is on page of your EK passages book.