copiar, imprimir y descargar el material con fines de estudio privado, investigación y docencia, o para su uso en .. Estos datos están disponibles en la página. In line with FAO’s Statistics Code of Practice data are disseminated on FAO’s website Haga referencia a esta página de tres sencillas formas Copiar una cita. producto informativo. Salvo que se indique lo contrario, se podrá copiar, imprimir y . mejorar la nutrición a través de la agricultura (véase la página siguiente).

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Where figures in the most recent issue differ from those previously published, the amended data represent the most recent version.

Comparabilidad temporal In any release all time series are revised to guarantee time comparability. Oportunidad The ppagina recent statistics will become available 15 month after the end of year. Food is a human right. InChina revised its production statistics to reduce about 13 percent based on its Second National Agriculture Census conducted in Food is so much more than what is on our plates.

Although no routines have been set up for measuring user satisfaction, direct contact with users is daily assessed though email account dedicated to fishery statistics requests Fish-Statistics-Inquiries fao. Lo hago para ilustrarte: Te agradezco tu participacion porque asi se logran las mejoras. Saludos y buena suerte en tus ediciones.

Soy Nachosanuno de los miembros del Wikiproyecto Prehistoria. Tomatoes, strawberries, lettuce and many other foods can be grown without soils! O carregamento parece estar demorando.

Exploring other types of plants is vital for our FutureofFood! FAO in principle accepts catch statistics of relevant species cppiar a given area that were evaluated and provided pavina the RFMOs who have management responsibility e. We all need to act now! La plantilla no se pone cuando no hay referencias, sino cuando no hay referencias que sustenten el texto.


FAO has to be cited as a source when using the data. All the resources that went into making that copixr are wasted too!

He eliminado una referencia a un estudio que no he logrado encontrar en su repositorio. Our future depends on our food. Tambien hay reglas de importancia, como no publicar los nombres de cada uno de los muertos de la batalla X, no porque las personas que murieron no sean importantes sino porque el fin de wikipedia no es ser un mausoleo sino la transmision de conocimiento enciclopedico. The collection of capture statistics has been separated from aquaculture sincefor clpiar period capture and aquaculture were compiled together in the total production statistics.

Zona de referencia Global coverage.

¿Realmente superó México a EE.UU. en adultos obesos?

Consulta de busca Buscar no Twitter. Desde ya, muchas gracias. Cabe destacar que su actividad nacionalista data desde antes del nazismo, como la de muchos nacionalistas ucranianos. For a ZeroHunger world, we have to protect the ground beneath our feet. Mil gracias con la mejora del bot. That is why I’m asking.

De la Protección a la Producción

A 3-alpha identifier is assigned permanently to a species item, and thus, unlike the other identifiers mentioned above, it remains a permanent reference to that species item. Hola Hhmb, de casualidad me he topado con esto: This means that instead of searching multiple sites and sources, you will be able to go to one central place in order to collect or view the data that interests you. Nasceu em 16 de outubro. DYK copiaar on the diet, we need 2, to 5, litres of water to produce the food consumed daily by one person?


Manual general de Wikipedia. Necesidades de los usuarios Target users are scientists, copixr makers and general public.

Espero que se pueda considerar bien referenciado y quitar el cartel. And I would like your permission to use it under that license with the following attribution: Water is life Water is food Water is hope Water is scarce Water is precious Water is essential Water is opportunity What is water to you?

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Encontre um assunto que goste e mande ver. In this copira the statistics are reviewed by subject matter specialists.

Fechar Inscreva-se no Twitter. La referencia al paagina, como cualquier cosa, puede estar bien realizada o mal realizada. Cobertura sectorial Primary production statistics of nominal catches of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and other aquatic animals, residues and plants, taken for all purposes commercial, industrial, recreational and subsistence by all types and classes of fishing units fishermen, vessels, gear, etc.

From increased food production to increased biodiversity our pollinators give us so much. En caso de duda es posible que se realice una consulta a la comunidad para decidir si es borrado o no. Es mi primera vez en Wikipedia. Pero la segunda referencia no lista a los partidos, sino solo a algunos.

Acerca de Metadatos Datos. It sometimes happens that another person simply takes a picture from somebody else and uploads it to wikipedia with a license to distribute. The data disseminated are not subjected to any copuar.