Odwira takes place on the Monday after the Homowo festival. It’s a chiefly procession that takes place in Ga Mashie. Chiefs walk or are carried in floats around. Homowo Festival: This is a special food festival celebrated by the GA’s, the people of Greater Accra Region. It is characterised by rituals such as the sprinkling of. Homowo Festival On Saturday I attended the Homowo Festival in Accra James Town which is celebrated in the Ga states by the Ga people of.

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The streets were lined with vendors, giant speaker boxes and people dancing, chanting or singing to drum beats and traditional songs.

We entered some of the clan houses were big pots of food and people, continuous cooking so that everyone is fed. During the festival, they perform a dance called Kpanlogo. What can be said without qualms is that the Ga people were not stable, but dynamic and engaged in the very common phenomenon of migration in Africa and that the Homowo festival had its origin in such migration.

Folklore Day August 23, Notify me of new posts by email. Please email me information. Thus, the main objective of this festival is commemorate the success story of the Gas in fighting famine. During the celebration a special meal made of unfermented corn powder called kpokpoi and palmnut soup of fish.

Homowo Festival in Accra

This is Africa Hilversum. Twins are therefore associated with symbols of abundance, good luck and blessings. These festivals are not static traditions, but are celebrations that reflect the ethos of the people which includes cultural, historical, spiritual, emotional and performative elements. Register with Us Today!!! In the absence of rain, there was a poor harvest.

Email address is Calhoun. An additional story homkwo it that the festival was adopted from the Jewish Passover. The final ritual okomfemaa prohibits fishing in the lagoons until the Homowo festival is over. See What Everyone is Watching. Skip to content roots rootstoglory. The word Homowo Homo – hunger, wo – hoot can mean “to hoot or jeer at hunger” in the Ga language. The festival period is also a time to remember and mourn those who had died during the year, reviewing of mistakes and to plan for the future.


The rainfall that followed is believed to be an answer to their prayers.

Homowo Festival – The Calabash Hub

Each Ga chief, with a following of drummers, dancers, singers, and clan members tours his area and sprinkles some of the special dish and pours libations around doorsteps and other places where the spirits of the departed are likely to gather. You can find her on Instagram at boakyeb.

The carrying of the tsese is understood to induce a state of possession. Destival 08 September Of all the communities, Teshi is the very last to celebrate being the youngest of the Ga towns which broke away from La and was established in A head of the Homowo festival day during May — June for 1 month there is a prohibition put on noise making, as it is believed that the maturity of the crops will be affected.

Chiefs walk or are carried in floats around the entire Ga Mashie. At the end of every August, the Ga-Dangmes of Ghana celebrate an important festival: It begins on Sunday after the feast and ends on the next week Saturday with Sesebumo.

All twins in the town dress in white calico and parade around. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat History of Homowo Festival Homowo Festival is celebrated to recall the trials and success of the people of the Ga traditional area over a huge famine which befell them during their journey from their ancestral homeland to inhabit their current settlement.


This marks the beginning of the celebration and harvest. November 1, at 9: The autonomy of various traditional neighborhoods and perhaps the likelihood of some Gas belonging to more than one traditional demands that the celebrations be scheduled in series in order to enable interested parties to participate in any of them since that is customarily acceptable.

Family issues are discussed across households and disputes are settled. The day prior to the Homowo Festival is the Twin Festival which also encounters prior ritual preparations before singing and dancing take place during the main celebration where you see Twins parading the streets.

The Mantse pours libation and provides some money as a customary gift of appreciation. The Mantse of the traditional area, clan heads, family heads and head of families pour libation to Maawu, Sisadzi, DzemaWodzi, and Wodzi and sprinkle white kpokpoi mixed with palm soup to the DzemaWodzi, Wodzi and Sisadzi to thank them and invoke their blessings over the feasting period.

Uncontrolled movements by the possessed carrier of the tsese. Homowo, which translates to “to hoot at hunger,” dates back to pre-colonial Ghana when famine once happened in the history of the Ga people.

Homowo Festival 2018

Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references All stub articles. In the morning hours of Tuesday, the revered day of the sea when activities at sea fishing, swimming is forbidden, kpokpoi now Kpekple and palm nut soup are cooked for the feasting. The Homowo Festival, which is held in Ghana is one of a kind. Bridget Boakye is a writer, activist, and entrepreneur based in Accra, Ghana. Raised in both Ghana and the U.