Those who practice the Muslim faith have resisted examinations of their religion. They are extremely guarded about their religion, and what they consider. 2. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Ibn Warraq. Why I am not a Muslim / by Ibn Warraq. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references (p.). Fascinating book I am reading. Why I Am Not a Muslim, a book written by Ibn Warraq, is a critique of Islam and the Qur’an. He argues that Islam.

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With the current conflict between the West and the Salafist dominated Islamic nations, this is a crucial book for understanding why the conflict is occurring and developing a proper response. Unfortunately it is the exact opposite in most Islamic majority cultures I have lived in. She was released on bail after three months in prison, but was not acquitted until three years later. It is also heartbreaking to hear about how many Muslim women and children suffer from the atrocities of Islam in different parts of the world.

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He has put together in one book all the objectionable rules of Islam, and has made it into one of the best books about Islam that I have seen in many years. But this guy checks out. Atheist Manifesto Breaking the Spell: He “makes a compelling case” that Islam is “flatly incompatible” with “individual rights and liberties of a liberal, democratic, secular state”. But, he does explain clearly why he ran from Islam once he learned the truth in his YouTube talk at http: This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat How true this is will strike anyone who has tried to have a rational discussion on religion with a Muslim born of Muslim parents and raise d in a Muslim culture.

It makes reading easy and you get to go back and forth between chapters much faster – especially on Kindle. While they might be willing to show Muhammad in a poor light compared to Jesus, they were not keen to press the non-historical and non-divine arguments too far, since they realised that such arguments could just as well be used against their own cherished beliefs.


They preferred a complicity of intellectual dishonesty with the Muslims in the face of an increasingly skeptical and secular environment.

Ibn Warraq – Wikiquote

The book would be difficult to read without some good background in religious history and without some knowledge of Islam in particular as the book focuses on persuading an muslij of educated believers.

One of the officers forced a policeman’s truncheon, covered with chili paste, into her rectum, rupturing it. My favorite was The Origins of Islam.

His warrq memories are of his circumcision and first day at Quran school, and his family still consider themselves Muslims. Jul 12, Tariq Mahmood rated it it was ok Shelves: It’s one of the better books on skepticism I have read after Sceptical Essaysmuch less philosophical and much more scholarly.

Ibn Warraq – Why I am Not a Muslim

I couldn’t agree more with the astutue observation made above. Later that afternoon, Ahmedi Begum went to the police station with her son-in-law to inquire about her nephew and the two girls. Islam is not a religion like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism. Good book, it refers to the letter of Bertrand Russell “why I am not a Christian” I do think that Ibn Warraq on occasion goes a bit overboard.

Ibn Warraq

Nevertheless, it is the truth, something that has either been deliberately concealed by modern scholars or buried in obscure journals accessible only to a select few.

Although extemely thorough and insightful, the author’s basic premise is often skewed because of his own anti-Islam bias and impatience with the simple idea of faith. muslin

Apr 13, Ahmar rated it it was amazing. The fanatic who thinks musilm all unbelievers should be killed has just as much authority as the Sufi who thinks that all religions are true and that even atheists go to heaven. Lagian, kalau benar kita nanti ketemu Dajjal, nggak ada gunanya kita sekarang menghindari baca buku kayak gini, kalau sekarang takut terbujuk, ya berarti a, bakal terbujuk mungkin: When this book came out, it was a breath of fresh air; we never saw books on the market like that that said “Why I am not a Muslim”.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. Skepticism about Religion — Part 6: To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him. Ibn Warraq is not a blind bigot, though bigots will like that this book confirms their conclusions, but for the wrong reasons.


Language, Text and Commentary” and “Defending the West: Although this j is an enlightening read on some of the waraq unsavoury aspects of Islamic culture, I have to say I’m not a fan of the author’s writing style. You can dismiss the support request pop up for 4 weeks 28 days if you want to be reminded again.

However as per the nutshell I gave above, religion is up to the individual and not to the state. His reasoning, at times, is no different than that of Donald Trump and Michael Savage.

Books about atheism Books critical of Islam Non-fiction books about jihadism books Prometheus Books books. Este tipo de actitud conciliadora de imposibles que intentan adoptar algunos musulmanes es duramente criticada por Ibn Warraq. Now, of course, many—if not all—Muslims will say, “But Muhammad pbuh was illiterate! The book is extremely well-researched. The amazing thing is that it has taken so long for such a book to appear and that it has been left to a non-Westerner to write it, since the material for its assembly has been around for anything up to a century.

The book is very difficult to read as much of the evidence is repeating, it lacks proper a editorial job thus becomes pretty similar to the authors take on a ‘confusing Koran’.

He also details the intellectual West’s strange attraction in historical terms. As the author makes some strong cases against Islam through the book, it makes one think how can any Islamic apologist, for example Hamza Tzortzis or substitute another apologist’s namespeak of Islam as being divine and peaceful?

In short, as Ibn Warraq describes it in his Dedication, Islam is religious fascism, and it is only a feeble-minded political correctness that prevents it ubn being recognised as such.