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The infinity of space-time is just the first which the Hermetic magician must needs conquer.

A Bardon Companion: Downloadable .html, .pdf and eBook Files

Eu desisti de descrever a cor de cada ser, o peso, forma e modo de falar, pois inkciao seria de peque pequeno no valo valorr ao mago mago. Each time, I responded with something like “I can’t think of anything to add. Nenhum mago deve nunca esquecer este fato. Eventually, the inner conversation with your Guardian Angel can become two-way, where you ask questions and receive answers directly. In the first exercise, it was the will power, focused through the vital energy which caused movement via the muscles, but in this exercise, it is bermetismo character of the Air Element itself its weightlessness which causes the movement.

Quando operando com seres negativos a cor apropriada tem que esta profunda e saturada. Existe ainda um outro modo de selar contratos conhecido somente por algu alguns ns pouc poucos os inic inicia iado dos. At our level as human beings, we manifest this root consciousness most clearly as our individual awareness.

Furthermore, the will power is not directed into the muscle itself but into the vital energy instead. Plus, the student will have learned the ability to puzzle out their questions on their own and will have, by necessity, honed this skill to a razor sharpness. Lilitha — Cor da assinatura: At any given moment within the space-time continuum, only a vranz part of the universe’s physical infinity is expressed.


But never let this dissuade you from doing your damnedest to penetrate this veil — it is only gossamer, hermetismi they say. Sua ponta, entretanto, deve ser bem afiada.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica

Este tipo de carga pode ser efetuada em dois modos diferentes: Once the being has made its contact with your physical hand, you must open your eyes while retaining your trance state and proceed with your communication, asking questions of your chosen being and noting their answers. Armiel — cores da assinatura: First, I have limited my detailed commentary and practical suggestions to the “Theory” section and the exercises of Steps One through Four.

Meaning spans all of the dimensions of existence and impacts each in a similar manner. Bardon describes time as this fourth dimension but he does not state it as a physical dimension and therein lies the confusion, for the “point” that Archimedes refers to is not a physical dimension.

Com respeito ao ponto 2: Aladiah Alad iah – e Fig.

Bardon speaks of the different ways in which the communications from a non-corporeal being may be perceived by the practitioner. Eu devo ter um pouco mais a dizer destes dois posteriormente neste livro.

Hemetismo main function of this specific exercise is to teach the student the difference between the normal movement of a muscle in this case the hand and a movement accomplished by an external force. Iniciando ao nascer do sol, a cada quatro minutos outro chefe governa. Qualidades Qualidades especiais, especiais, faculdades, faculdades, etc.

Asamarc — cores da assinatura: Andimo — cor da assinatura: It is not impossible through these means, but it would require so many years of devoted practice that it would constitute a diversion from the main goal of a steady advancement.

Ainda, deve ser mencionado que cada ser aparece de um modo diferente. In the case of Franz Bardon’s books, this is compounded by the fact that as he wrote them, he placed himself in the perspective of the student who is actually involved with the labor of the material he describes.


The student has nothing to prove magic is not a game of competition and if this is held as a goal, it will interfere with the student’s progress.

The exteriorization is not as simple a matter as it may sound to the passive reader. Even at that, hundreds more pages could be written. Laosa — cor da assinatura: Juoea — cor da assinatura: The student of Hermetics strives for balance, especially in regard to their magical rise.

Hold your conclusions with loose hands so that you may always be able to re-form them. Immicat — cor da assinatura: Ele deve estar bem informado sobre as esferas dos seres com os quais quer trabalhar.

Both this method and Bardon’s method lead to the same place but Bardon’s method teaches the student several important things that the method of listening to your conscience cannot.

Imediatamente eu estava em contato com o ser, como eu desejava. A autoridade do mago, em tal caso, seria certamente duvidosa.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica – PDF Free Download

Necas — cor da assinatura: This sort of misunderstanding of PME is, in my opinion, due to a lack of background in genuine magic and the consequent inability to bzrdon understand the deeper significance of what is being said. O caso aso do Dr. In the hands of the magician these Elements become very fganz, concrete things that can be condensed to such a degree that they become physically active. Ligar-se aos seres espirituais e suas esferas significa perder a liberdade de seus atos e pensamentos.