Michael Baigent is the author of From the Omens of Babylon, Ancient Traces, and the New York Times bestseller The Jesus Papers. He is also the coauthor of. The Jesus Papers has ratings and reviews. In Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent and his co-authors Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh stunned. Hershel Shanks reviews “The Jesus Papers” by Michael Baigent.

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A half-boiled attempt michel could I have said it better? Two of them died. Questions often lead to new insights. In the Bible, the story is told like this: Through his mother, he was of the line of Aaron, the high priest.

Even Baigent concedes this story has a lot of holes. It was a journey into the shadowy world of antiquities, where the trade in artifacts is bqigent illegal. Though a nice try.

Please review your cart. That’s the feeling I got while wading through the menagerie. What is he anyway?

Observer review: The Jesus Papers by Michael Baigent | From the Observer | The Guardian

Still, I would recommend this book to others, particularly true believers. It’s an important point to make, but it shouldn’t take as many pages to do it as the book devoted to the concept. Year after year, people make pilgrimages here in search of fortune. I’ve never heard that theory before, and based on one verse in the Bible to boot!

The Jesus Papers: Exposing the Greatest Cover-up in History (Plus)

Where is the Egyptian influence there? While this book failed to moved me from questioning the foundation of Christianity, it got me thinking of jewus equally important issues.


The book became an international publishing phenomenon and was one of the sources for Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code. And if we assume fact B caused fact A, and then we assume fact C caused fact B and then we do some more assuming, well, that proves this really incredible thing happened instead of what The Bible says.

For example, the idea that Jesus survived the crucifixion was interesting, but the mention of how he could have appeared dead after being given a special medicinal mixture was not elaborated much. A Novel with bonus short story The Admiral’s Mark. Documents that would allegedly support his theories are, he says, locked up in the Vatican, in private non-accessible collections, or have mysteriously disappeared.

The author goes through the religious and historical documents of hundreds of years against the geopolitical dynamics of the various time frames. The letter writer says he only asserted he was filled with the spirit of God. Languages Esperanto Svenska Edit links. Baigent appeared on the Today Show in an interview with Lester Holtin which he claimed that he had seen the papers referred to in the title. He presents an interesting case here, with some very different ideas to put forth about the Christian church and the beliefs of Jesus Christ, although he does have some evidence, it is speculative and highly hypothetical.

Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

I certainly won’t be searching down the rabbit hole for clues as to the real facts about the expected Messiah. Baigent, first as a “scholar” and second as a Mcihael, wait, is he a Christian?

It was renamed the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, and mcihael present Pope was the leader of that office for a while. The Jewish historian, Josephus, writes about finding three of his friends nailed to the cross.


The mystery of ‘The Jesus Papers’ – Dateline NBC | NBC News

Priests, Bishops, popes and the Church, there’s no need for them if the divine is inside us, we just have to look – there goes your authority and power! Sometimes through questionable matters of persecution, cover-up and refusal to submit to criticism.

There is at least one example in early historical records. Augustine makes it clear in his creed of the Evangel, Believe in order that you bxigent understand. Papes not too impressed by the underlying undertones of catholic conspiracy theo interesting story, not quite as provocative as Holy Blood Holy Grail, and not nearly as well written or informative as Racing Towards Armageddon.

I will certainly be looking out for the second part of his journey to uncovering the truth. Oct 18, Brandie rated it liked it Shelves: I don’t mean to get snarky, but a disappeared document that is at best three-times removed is “incontrovertible evidence”?

When the court case between two paperx the authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and Dan Brown, author of The DaVinci Code, was being played out in London a couple of years ago, commentators noted the obvious difference between their books: