The goal of JSR (Java Specification Request) , the Portlet and a set of portlet APIs that address personalization, presentation, and. To enable interoperability between Portlets and Portals, this specification will define a set of APIs for Portal computing addressing the areas of aggregation. The Java Portlet Specification V was developed under the Java Community Process as Java Specification Request JSR , and.

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Usually, many Portlets are invoked to in the single request of a Portal page. Oracle 9i Portal http: Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Web Services for Remote Portlets. The TCK will be managed by Sun and will be available to independent implementors with no requirements to also license or use the RI. The Portlet portlef will restrict the use of functions provided by the Servlet API to a subset that makes sense for components providing fragments of a markup page. If this specification, or a future version of this specification, is included in a future version of a Java platform specification, this specification will remain available for use outside the platform specification, and will continue to be evolved outside the platform specification, unless both specification leads agree otherwise.

This first version of the Portlet specification will concentrate in the following design goals: The API will provide a URL-rewriting mechanism for creating links to trigger actions within a Portlet without requiring knowledge on how URLs are structured in the particular web application.

A Portlets Catalog is a set of portlets that are ready-to-use components for enterprise portals. It is an important goal that the design of the Portlet specification would allow implementations to support remote Portlet execution. A portal and a portlet container can be built together as a single component of an application suite or as two separate components of a portal application.

Portlet API Spec community draft: However, it does not address aggregation, security and personalization.


Client agnostic Support for multiple types of clients multi-device Simple Portlet API Support for Localization and Internationalization Hot deployment and re-deployment of Portal applications Declarative security same as to the mechanism found in Servlet and EJB specs Architected to support remote execution of Portlets The Portlet specification will be based on the Servlet specification. A portlet container runs portlets and provides them with the required runtime environment.

A Java portlet resembles a Java Servletbut produces fragments rather than complete documents, and is not bound by a URL. Please help improve this article jst adding citations to reliable sources. JSR is the Java Portlet specification v2. Like the Servlet specification, the Portlet specification will allow access to Enterprise Information Systems without imposing restrictions on the type of protocols.

Jsf deployers, it’s easy to keep a single set of solution and deploy it on many. The Portlet specification will be designed leveraging the following technologies: Furthermore, the Servlet specification does not define URL-rewriting functions to allow the creation of links and actions targeted to a specific form within the fragment of a page Portlet markup porttlet. A portlet responds to requests from a web client with and generates dynamic content.

It was released in June This design would not address the transport protocol for the remote execution of Portlets, leaving to the specific Portal implementations the support for Portlet remote execution.

Portlet APIs

We anticipate a mixture of mailing list and occasional face to face or teleconference meetings. JSR specifications offer suitability to the developers to reuse the code to maintain a set of JSR compliant portlets.

Exact details will be agreed early in the life of the JSR and communicated to expert group porflet. It apu understood that the subject of this JSR is already being addressed by Open Source projects and products from different vendors. There will be no shared code requirements. Typically, following the desktop metaphora portal page is displayed as a collection of non-overlapping portlet windows, where each portlet window displays a portlet.


A portlet container receives requests from the portal to execute requests on 1168 portlets hosted by it. APIs and descriptors to support internationalization and localization are a fundamental design goal of this JSR. They will be useful for gathering features and evaluating the effectiveness and shortcoming of each implementation. Creating portlet JSP files. Different implementations are available today, the following list enumerates some of them: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Expert group will consider functionality such as support for, parallel execution of Portlets within a single user request, logging, security and personalization.

Identification Request Contributions Section 1. These components will comprise -but they will not be restricted to-: Rational tools supports portlet development based on the JSR specification. This section provides you with information that can help you decide which API to use when you develop portlets. The expert group will ensure this specification draws appropriately from such projects and products and that it will be based on open standards. The goal is to allow Portlets to be packaged into WAR files and deployed in a standard way on any server implementing the specification.

Portlets that conform to the JSR specification are more portable and reusable, because they can be deployed to any JSR compliant portal. Retrieved from ” https: For example, a proxy Portlet could be used to invoke a remote Portlet. The Java Portlet Specification defines a contract between the portlet container and portlets and provides a convenient programming model for Java portlet developers.

Java Portlet Specification – Wikipedia

Some examples of portlet applications are e-mailweather reportsdiscussion forumsand news. Views Read Edit View history. NOTE apj this section has been updated since the original request.

A portlet container contains portlets and manages their life cycles. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.