Buy Army Armored Humvee – Battle Brick Custom Set: Building Sets Printed step-by-step instructions; Hand Sorted Custom Set with pieces . This set contains custom items and Genuine LEGO® elements that have been repackaged. Buy Battle Brick Army Armored Humvee Custom Set: Action Figures 5 doors and roof mounted machine gun; Printed step-by-step instructions . This set contains custom items and Genuine LEGO® elements that have been repackaged. Lego Humvee: I made a Lego Humvee that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and 1 gunner. Here is the the web site URL for the instructions, enjoy!.

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For, as I said before, this is a blog read world wide and all kinds of people are reading it. I don’t think it’s worth getting upset over, but okay. Judging by the reactions it is in fact clearly NOT obvious that the depicted figure is by definition a hkmvee. I think we do well to talk about these things. Diverse viewpoints are a good thing. Yet it might not be very nice to view for the kids who also watch this blog.

Any resemblance to the Abu Ghraib photos was intended as an off-color, satirical joke. Its about the fact that this photo show a human being happy with the suffering and death of another one. Pretending otherwise is either disingenuous or a failure of imagination.

Either the photo shows a military force happily slaughtering civilians or it shows them gruesomely murdering an unarmed enemy. Any claim of racism or anti-Islamism is ridiculous. Tyler has explained his literal meaning….

Lego Humvee with instructions | Lego | Pinterest | Lego, Lego creations and Lego military

Ignore it and leave. Rest assured there were many conservative Americans who felt very, very differently.

As has been said, if someone posted a photo of the same scene, but with GI Joes or space police and aliens, or knights and trolls, etc lfgo would be no such discussion. With that said, I think where I come down is in full support of both blogging such a fantastic build, and the editorial disclaimer that comes with it.


The key idea is thinking what this might mean to other people. I thought the ninja mechanic was fixing the axle and the soldier is calling for help because the jack collapsed.

Humvee Instructions Part 1: A LEGO® creation by Ben Romeo :

Who is a terrorist? Also, what Catsy said. Good guys wear white hats. What cracks me up is how many people seem to be taking this the wrong way. Let me also add that like everything else, images have one, maybe two, literal meanings, but the symbolic meanings, interpretations, and relationships can be countless and are entirely dependent on the person doing the viewing. This is clearly a terrorist, as indicated by the creator of the work.

This is what my thoughts are: The primary issue I have with the image is its context. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’m flat out embarrassed that people are bringing racism into this discussion at all.

HUMVEE Instructions

This is always the hardest thing, it is easier to dismiss something as having no meaning when the images greatest message is not for you. Maybe we should all agree to only include blank, gray, accessory-less minifigs in all future MOCs so that no one mistakes our intentions. The US military has shown an extraordinary amount of compassion and friendliness in trying to win over local people instructios an effort to make removal of the terrorist organizations run as smoothly as possible.

If, as others have said, it was obvious that the fig was an armed soldier, that would help. Neither is close to the truth. Yeah, Instrutions know that sounds all stupidly Picard of me, but I mean it. If every time you saw Uncle-Sam he was under a Humvee, being killed, never winning, and always a bad guy.


This sort of statement is not helpful. Instrhctions of how one feels about terrorism, asymmetrical warfare or the current conflicts, no one should act surprised that this image provokes a strong reaction.

Either crop the picture or leave it be. The Ranger of Awesomeness: I fundamentally take issue with the assumption that this minifug is a terrorist. There could be multiple interpretations of this. The person being labelled or the person who labels. I think what makes this more volatile than brutality in, say, post-apoc or Star Wars or WWII scenes is the immediate, present-day relevance. It plays into too many of our prejudices.

That and the fact that you managed to get realistic working doors insgructions a mini-figure scale moc really shows that you can cram alot of small detail into a small moc.

I figured it was a device, but I take issue with the intent of that device. Which, while true, has nothing to do with the question of whether or not the image was appropriate to make—or blog. But if you choose to state your opinion, insrtuctions deal. That smile is actually a wince, so its all chill guys.

And I skimmed most of the other ones about half an hour ago. You might love it. You might not like it. It in fact took me a third look to figure out what was so offensive. Again, I personally passed this over because I felt uncomfortable with what I was seeing in the photo and Tyler has since clarified that what I was seeing was not intendedbut the creation itself was worth blogging, and Nannan chose to go ahead and do so.

I think Catsy and Bunbrick really illustrated this well: