The Pencast file format .pencast) lets you and others exchange and send your smartpen content, including audio, pages, or both. Introducing the. aegir smartpen. Powerful. Learn more · Buy. Light. Slim. Available now | Starts at $ | Two Designs | Two Colors Livescribe Smartpens. When we launched the Livescribe 3 and the Livescribe+ app, we started using our new pencast format – Livescribe PDF. These files still open.

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To play the pencast, you will have to download the PDF file, save it, then go to the web player, and drag the file into the player. Pencasts allow you epncast hear, see and relive notes exactly as they were captured.

The web player will work on desktops, and also tablets and smartphones, so will give you more options.

oivescribe Please use a different web browser to listen to your audio. My Echo pen is a great asset in the classes I teach and in many other things I do, but my desktop and laptop computers all run Ubuntu Linux. Is my handwriting searchable? Subscribe to blog updates or our newsletter to stay informed. Echo smartpens make use of their built-in mics to record audio.

Livescribe PDF: Share your Livescribe 3 and Echo Desktop Pencasts

Please help me with a better work around…because it appears your minds are made up so changing back to the current format is out of the questions…so there will be less disruption to the learning process that these pens have seriously generated. Please contact us at cs livescribe. Livescribe PDFs will open in any standard PDF viewer with the notes fully visible, and audio available as an attachment that can be played back through any audio player supporting.

Global PR Manager for Livescribe. Do you mind using our Live Chat on the support site, or emailing cs livescribe. It very often crashes when syncing my pen, sometimes crashes on startup, and sometimes freezes up just because. Save the exported Livescribe PDF file to your local desktop or downloads folder. It is important to me to be able to provide only the audio portion of a pencast.


Just downloaded the new version for the Windows 8. Just click on the note, click on the green ink, and playback will start. Thanks for the reply. Thanks for appreciating the effort to move away from Flash! What replacement ink cartridges can I use with Livescribe smartpens?

All Livescribe paper products can be used with any Livescribe smartpen with one exception — Sound Stickers. Plain and simple, is this update going to usher Echo Desktop back into the world of Office compatability with penczst OneNote integration?

Hi Ian — thanks for your perspective. Then send the file to your device via email or cloud service.

Update for Echo Smartpens Modernizes Pencast Format and Desktop Software

If they just need your written notes not the audiothey can even just click on the PDF file and it will open right away, same as any other file. Who do I need to contact to rectify this situation because it seems that pwncast livescribe smart pen 3 is what our office needs? Only on my big computer at work. When Dropbox syncs, your PDFs will too. So liveecribe could set OneDrive to monitor that folder, or move your data to a different folder inside your OneDrive folder.

Between now and the release of Echo Desktop, the Echo Community will continue to function as always — you can play back existing pencasts and upload new pencasts as usual.

With Echo Desktop, will this be possible? Can this be done? The smartpen also recognizes the coordinates of commands such as the record and pause buttons at the bottom of each page.

How a Livescribe PDF works Livescribe PDFs livsscribe open in any standard PDF viewer with the ilvescribe fully visible, and audio available as an attachment that can be played back through any audio player supporting. When you first view a notebook page, active ink appears in green type.


No need to download a pdf file, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe reader, then play the pencast.

Once your ljvescribe are in the Livescribe. You can record that meeting, write down the important points, use arrows to show how different parts of the discussion all fit together or draw a diagram to organize the information.

Livescribe offers Livescribe-branded ink refills for all our smartpens. You must be logged in to post a comment. My only option with Wifi to view my recordings is via Evernote? This is the coolest feature of the pen and making it a pain to share pencasts really is shooting your product in the foot.

We recognize that livescrribe customers may have many hours of work saved to their My Livescribe accounts pencaet we want to make sure as many of those pencasts as possible can be used in the years ahead.

Livescribe :: Never Miss A Word

This release is carefully worded to: FYI I am running Even converters or other tools are welcome to get that great feature Pencast offline back. Ink cartridges that meet the same size specifications and contain carbon livedcribe ink may also be used, though Livescribe does not guarantee the performance of non-Livescribe branded replacement ink cartridges.

My concern is that I have a wealth of Notebooks and Pencasts stored locally on my computer with the current Liveccribe Desktop app.